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Decorative Door Toppers

Garnish doorways, window frames, tapestries and artwork using Decorative Door Toppers, online at Hook and Lattice. This collection of metal art is for wall decoration above doors, archways, draperies and more. Metal wall art is also a lovely way to top off other hangings like collages of picture frames, mirrors or decorative paneling.

Each piece of metal wall decor found in this category is handmade and finished for a luxurious look. Wall decorations come with hanging hooks on their back for easy mounting to walls, pillars, columns and siding. For outdoor wall art displays, please note that products are not weather treated and will naturally weather over time. To maintain metal artwork in its original presentation, add your own weather treatment or hang under an awning, overhang, decking or other covered environments.

Create wall designs with unique charm and sophistication by adding toppers. Metal art is available to order online for shipment right to your doorstep.

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