Music Wall Art & Decor

Music Wall Art & Decor

Music wall art always hits the right note. Picture music wall é for your family room, a music room or musical spot, a child's room or the office of anyone musically inclined. Our larger music wall art will grace a school music room or business, too. Everyone will feel a little jazzed up.

You can feel the flow of melody in our music wall decor, harmonizing easily with other decor with its black and metallic tones. Details in every musical element will delight you! Music note wall art features fine quality black wire for the staff and notes, and the 26" music note wall art adds fun with red notes plus clef and some note lines in brass? tones. In the horns section, jazz wall art features a saxophone or trumpet. Our beautifully detailed guitar music wall art perfectly accents guitar lines in its design, adding lively silver and rich brown tones.

Or perhaps you prefer the simple but striking single clef aluminum musical note choice to add music wall é to your surroundings.

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Artwork That Reflects Numerous Decorating Ideas

If you have been wondering how to dress up your exterior walls, we have numerous decorating ideas in our Wall Art, Wall Decor, and Room Decor category. Choose artwork from nearly two dozen sub-categories for indoors and out. From UV protected canvas prints to unique and large metal wall art, we have dozens of styles to choose from. If you don't find what you're looking for in the metal or iron work categories, our manufacturing facility can create custom pieces based on simple designs, subject to approval (based on design complexity and quantity needed).

Metal Artwork Options

If you are looking for metal artwork, we have numerous options in most design categories. Browse our Modern & Contemporary Wall Art for a lovely art decor item to hang over a modern outdoor seating arrangement, for example. Or shop for a beach and nautical theme if you like the feel of the ocean. For an arbor theme, we have over a dozen picturesque affordable artworks that include anything from simple leaves to topiaries to dramatic and elegant renderings of a wide variety of trees. Similarly, we have nature themed wall art as well. Check out our Nature Wall Art & Flower Decor category. With butterflies, flowers and floral renditions, scrolls and medallions, you will have no problem finding just the right accents for your home or garage walls, perfect to hang close to your flower or vegetable garden.

Distinctive Wall Art Categories

For a western theme, check out our Western & Southwest Wall Decor section. We also have an animal category, a Cabin, Cottage & Lodge Wall Decor category, numerous single themed metal wall art categories including:

  • Wine and Beverage
  • International
  • Animal
  • Rustic and wooden

In addition, monograms, decorative door toppers, large wall art and a wide variety of Wall Sconces & Candle Holders section are available with over a half dozen choices from which to select. Many of our wall art pieces can be displayed either inside or out, whichever meets your decor theme. For additional information on any of our artwork or for custom options, please call 800-896-0978 to speak with one of our design specialists today.