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Indoor Artificial Reeds and Artificial Grass

Using artificial reeds and artificial grasses in plant arrangements adds interesting depth. Just as in live indoor container gardening, artificial decorative grass and reeds can act as filler for under planting or as a centerpiece where grass density is thicker or multiple plants are bundled together. Use artificial grasses and reeds with other faux plants or insert with live plant arrangements.

Perhaps the best thing about artificial decorative grass and reeds is their no-maintenance nature. Commercially, artificial reeds are used worldwide by museums and other display-based institutions. Retailers also find these plants add a fresh look to merchandise displays and store spaces. At home, indoor artificial grasses act as great filler for pots and planters that contain flowering plants. When your blooms aren't blooming, lively greenery picks up the slack and makes any arrangement stand out. Artificial grasses and reeds come in various styles. Unless noted otherwise in the product description, all plants are sold and ship un-potted.

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Indoor Artificial Reeds
Indoor Artificial Horsetail Groves in Modern Planters
21in. Liriope Bush, Indoor Rated
72in. Pampas Grass Cluster in Weighted Base, Indoor Rated
8' Foxtail Spray - Green/Mauve|Indoor
2' Grass Bush - Two Tone Green|Indoor
23in. Monkey Grass Bush - Green|Indoor
5' Pampas Grass Bush - Harvest|Indoor
13in. PVC Onion Grass - Green|Indoor
30in. PVC Onion Grass - Green/Brown|Indoor
35in. PVC Onion Grass - Green|Indoor
31in. PVC Onion Grass Bush - Lt Green/Yel|Indoor
44in. River Grass Bush - Green|Indoor
66in. Seed Grass Spray - Yellow|Indoor
21in. Sword Grass Bush - Yellow/Green|Indoor
21in. Sword Grass Bush - Two Tone Green|Indoor
21in. Sword Grass Bush - Green/Orange|Indoor
30in. Sword Grass-Indoor Rated
42in. Yucca Head Plant Green/Red|Indoor
26in. Yucca Bush - Green/Red|Indoor
6' Grass Tree
Price: $180.85
3', 4' or 5' Mountain Grass
4', 5' or 6' Onion Grass w/ Red Bamboo
Reed in Round Fiber Pot 5.5'
38in. Foxtail Spray
30in. Grass Bush
Price: $11.85
42in. Grass Bush
Price: $15.85
69in. Cattail Spray
Price: $13.85
30in. Grass in Flat Bowl
28in. River Grass in Oblong Wooden Planter
3' Mixed Onion Grass in Oblong Metal Planter
3' Mixed Onion Grasses in Oblong Wooden Planter
14in. Grass in Round Glass Dish
19in. Grass in Round Glass Dish
37in. Set Of Three Grasses in Square Shaped Glass
33in. Grass in Square Bamboo Planter
Onion Grass in Resin Ball Planter, 36 in.
River Grass in Square Wooden Planter, 16 in.
5.5' Bamboo Cane and Grasses in Round Metal Planter with Stand
Mixed Grasses in Planter with Stand, 5'
40in. Mixed Grasses in Tall Resin Planter
6' Bamboo Poles and Grasses in Tall Resin Planter
12in. Grass in Round Ceramic Planter
Mixed Grasses in Resin Planter, 34 in.
Yucca and Grass in Tall Metal Planter, 5.5'
Lighted Loofah Branches with Grass in Oval Metal Planter, 35 in.
Lighted Imperial Flowers with Mixed Grasses and Bamboo Poles, 28 in.
Lighted Silver Dollar Branches and Grass in Resin Ball, 34 in.
Lighted Bird Of Paradise with Mixed Grasses in Ceramic Bottle, 30 in.
3' Onion Grass in Tray
Lighted Willow in Rectangle Wooden Planter, 38 in.
Onion Grass with Brown Dogstail in Ceramic Vase, 26 in.
27in. Onion Grass with Cream Plumes in Ceramic Planter
Onion and Yucca Grasses in Oblong Metal Planter, 28 in.
3' Green Areca Grass in White Contemporary Ball Planter
6' Tall Onion Grass in Garden Pot
42in. Burgundy Green Onion Grass in Tall Square Metal Planter
Antheriums Mixed with Grasses in Oval Metal Planter, 36 in.
4' or 6' Zebra Onion Grass
4' or 6' Grass Bush
Price: $58.85
4', 5' or 6' Potted Gladiolus Grass
60in. Green Fountain Grass, Indoor
54in. Purple Fountain Grass, Indoor
For fret-free planter filler, artificial decorative grass and reeds are ever-fantastic. This assortment of artificial grasses and artificial reeds includes replicas of live plant favorites like onion, river and sword grass and the sprawling yucca. Each is designed for no-maintenance indoor use to provide lovely, vibrant plant arrangements for all seasons.

When planting indoors, artificial reeds and grasses are a carefree version of their live counterparts. Each style of artificial decorative grass is meticulously modeled to resemble nature in color, shape and texture. Due to their lifelike construction, artificial grasses are entirely capable of fitting in amongst other live plants. In fact, some of our customers even use them as filler for their living arrangements. With sprigs or full bushes of artificial reeds and grasses available, indoor gardeners can easily choose plants based on the appropriate density for filler or centerpiece applications.

Artificial grasses and reeds are utilized by a range of customers for commercial and residential projects. In commercial planting, faux plants have gained in popularity because they require no maintenance and are versatile in application. Artificial reeds could fill a long second story wall planter looking down on a grand rotunda, or be at eye level in commercial planters lining an indoor fountain. Similarly, in residential projects artificial decorative grass can go anywhere indoors. Use it to fill in live or faux plant arrangements in a sun room, or take a dense patch of onion grass and place it in a striking urn planter for an elegant centerpiece on a foyer or dining room table.

Whatever the planned application, artificial reeds and grasses will never require precise soil, re-potting or watering. The beauty of faux is in its carefree nature. It gives busy households and businesses that struggle with live plant care another option for incorporating lifelike greenery into interior spaces. Artificial decorative grass can also add different color, texture and dimension to existing pots that contain only one type of flower. Adding artificial grasses takes a simple office or houseplant and turns it into a stunning arrangement.

Artificial reeds and grasses are sold un-potted unless otherwise noted in the product description. Please note that pots and planters are also available for purchase.