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Indoor Artificial Bamboo emulates one of the most beloved groups in the grass family. Fake bamboo has become a favorite in residential and commercial interior spaces, where indoor bamboo may not necessarily be practical to grow. Also, Indoor Artificial Bamboo cuts down on maintenance and resource expenditure for watering and live plant care services.

Fake bamboo accomplishes the same feeling of serenity that its live counterpart has come to represent, and indoor bamboo is a way to weave that feeling of calmness among interior designs. Product options found in this category include fake bamboo trees measuring as high as 12' tall, and also indoor bamboo bundles for easy applications into tabletop vases and jars, or indoor planters.

Order Indoor Artificial Bamboo conveniently and securely online at Artificial Plants Unlimited, a division of Hooks & Lattice. Plants are sold and shipped un-potted, unless noted otherwise.

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Indoor Artificial Bamboo Forests
Indoor Artificial Bamboo In Modern Planter
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Per Foot
Indoor Artificial Jumbo Bamboo
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Clusters
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Plants and Trees
79in. Black Bamboo Cluster in Weighted Base, Indoor Rated
86in. Black Bamboo Cluster in Weighted Base, Indoor Rated
5.5' or 7.5' New Bamboo Palm
9' Burgundy Bamboo Tree in Banana Leaf Basket
9' Green Bamboo Tree in Banana Leaf Basket
Bamboo Tree in Round Banana Leaf Basket, 9'
Bamboo Tree in Square Metal Planter, 7'
Golden Bamboo Tree 10'
13' Panda Bamboo Poles
Price: $1,260.85
3', 4' or 5' Potted Oriental Bamboo Tree
6' Potted Bamboo Tree (2 Colors)
7', 8', 9' or 10' Potted Giant Bamboo Pole Tree
5', 6' or 8' Potted Bamboo Palm
4'H or 6'H Oriental Bamboo Hedge
10' Black Bamboo In Pot
20in. Bonsai Oriental Bamboo
Cyperus Grass 3.5'
Price: $88.85

Indoor bamboo has emerged as a popular American office and houseplant, but for applications where growing the real thing seems impractical, fake bamboo provides a lifelike, no-maintenance alternative. To satisfy this demand, Indoor Artificial Bamboo from Artificial Plants Unlimited encompasses a group of fake bamboo plants for a range of interior applications.

Often associated with Eastern cultures, bamboo is also found growing wild in Australia, parts of Africa and even as far west as the Americas. While indoor bamboo is not considered a traditional houseplant in the United States, a surge in its popularity has created a demand for fake bamboo plants that capture an essence of the real thing.

In the above category of Indoor Artificial Bamboo, find fake bamboo trees measuring as tall as 12 feet high, or smaller options decreasing to less than 3 feet tall, and everything in between. Indoor bamboo styles with more or less foliage are also available. For a versatile accent that can be displayed on its own or incorporated into other interior plant arrangements, a 43"" Indoor Bamboo bundle looks great on table tops, in a tall accent vase, or peppered in amongst other arrangements to add height and texture.

Each fake bamboo plant featured here is a part of an overall collection of quality, artificial plants available online from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Whether indoor bamboo catches your eye for a yoga studio, or to create a Zen-like state at home, our plants are of the highest quality and suited to interior residential or commercial applications. Each shoot is created from superior, artificial materials to achieve a look and feel based on authentic, live bamboo. For exterior projects, visit our separate category of Outdoor Fake Bamboo.

Unless noted otherwise, each artificial indoor bamboo plant is sold and ships un-potted. For planters to accommodate your indoor bamboo order, browse the Commercial Planters or Home & Garden tabs of this website to explore various options. In addition to convenient online shopping, Artificial Plants Unlimited - by Hooks & Lattice - also offers one-on-one phone consultation for custom projects or large orders.

Your toll free call is welcome at 1-888-320-0626 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).

Using Plants as a Barrier - Artificial Bamboo Cluster and Grove Density

Set up exotic artificial greenery as a divider, barrier or privacy screen using fake bamboo plants. Like its live counterparts, artificial bamboo poles are evergreen and add a refreshing look. However, faux versions are not prone to overgrowth like many types of bamboo found in nature. Instead, artificial bamboo provides a controlled display option that is virtually maintenance-free.

Architects, professional designers and DIY decorators can all appreciate project challenges like a lack of privacy, unsightly views or an awkward floor plan. In solving these problems, artificial bamboo trees prove a lovely ally.

As artificial indoor trees, bamboo can double as 7-ft room dividers for easy space delineation. Or, create a bamboo privacy screen on a rooftop terrace for an intimate outdoor living space. Whether making a space flow better, or shielding property from the neighbors, a functional bamboo garden is your ticket to effortless enhancement.

Why Artificial Bamboo?

Ornamental bamboo not only has a calming aesthetic, but it also serves an array of functional purposes. As backyard privacy screens, property barriers or to execute creative room divider ideas, artificial bamboo makes a smart, contemporary statement. And, unlike traditional ivy and boxwood designs, it still allows sunlight and adjacent views to trickle through with 50-75% blockage depending on artificial plant density. It's the best of both worlds: Added privacy without shutting out your surroundings completely.

Artificial lucky bamboo like the plants found online at Planters Unlimited are industrial grade, lifelike replicas. Handmade and painted by our local artisans (ask about our custom cane colors), these are not your run of the mill fake bamboo plants. Materials are durable enough for commercial use, and outdoor-rated models can be purchased with built-in UV protection. That way, artificial greenery is built to stay just that " refreshingly green!

Tips to Buying Artificial Bamboo

So, now that you've decided on a bamboo room divider or privacy screen, what's next? First, think about the project at hand, including the environment " inside or outside " and any space or height requirements. Also consider how dense you want a bamboo privacy screen or divider to be. Generally, the recommended density for artificial bamboo groves is 1.75 canes per linear foot. For privacy, skewing a bit higher can add extra coverage.

When choosing plants, it's best to go with an industrial grade product like the artificial bamboo trees online at Planters Unlimited. Even if your display is for a home, choosing a higher end product up front will save time and money in the long run. And it makes for the most natural looking display. Our plants are sold in individual canes, clusters or by the foot. Also, ask about custom back yard privacy screens and room divider ideas.

How Do I Display Artificial Bamboo Trees?

The thing to remember about our artificial bamboo poles is that they're easy to assemble and remove. Why do we mention this up front? To remind you that there's no pressure to get it exactly right the first time. A well thought out arrangement will produce best results, but a non-adhesive installation process makes minor adjustments a breeze. (We also offer pre-installed arrangements for customers in need of a readymade product).

To display, artificial bamboo canes slip over flexible pins that attach to a steel plate. This combines a sturdy mount with the flexibility to adjust fake bamboo plants for a more natural look.

For outdoor settings, don't be intimidated by placing a bamboo privacy screen among other live plants. In fact, some customers even use smaller artificial bamboo groves and individual canes to fill in where Mother Nature has fallen short.

Inside or outside, for privacy or decoration, add a Zen feeling today with artificial bamboo for your next residential or commercial design project.