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Our indoor artificial ferns embody the wild and simultaneously refined feeling of this beloved species. With each providing a thoughtful replica of a live fern species, our faux offerings include favorites like artificial Boston ferns, fishtail, and bird's nest. Superior in quality to the silk ferns and bushes sold by home improvement and craft retailers, each of these plants brings authentic beauty to interiors.

Unless noted otherwise, silk ferns are sold and ship un-potted. To pair artificial ferns with planters suited to a specific home or office application, our sister sites Planters Unlimited and Hooks & Lattice have an array of pots and planters available for separate purchase. At Artificial Plants Unlimited, our goal is to provide residential customers and commercial clients with lifelike faux alternatives to live planting. We feature lively options - like the vibrant artificial Boston ferns featured here - that are also durable for long-lasting beauty. Please click on individual products for more details.

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18in. Birds Nest Fern - Green|Indoor
33in. Birds Nest Fern - Green|Indoor
17in. Mini Boston Fern, Indoor Rated
18in. Boston Fern - Green|Indoor
45in. Boston Fern - Green|Indoor
21in. Boston Fern Cluster - Green|Indoor
29in.  Fishtail Fern - Green|Indoor
39in.  Fishtail Fern - Green|Indoor
34" Forest Fern - Green/Purple | Indoor
14in. Tree Fern - Green|Indoor
18in. Maidenhair Fern Bush
25in. Frosted Marginatum Fern
28in. Boston Fern
Price: $52.85
Everyone loves a fern, and silk ferns offer up even more to admire with an added quality of ease. Each of the artificial ferns featured above is an interior faux plant appropriate for home or office applications. Above and beyond mass-produced silk ferns, these plants have highly authentic shape, color and texture for a look and feel that does justice to their live counterparts.

When choosing faux plants for interior display, styles like our artificial Boston ferns are popular because of their robust foliage and interesting shapes. While a wide selection of factory silk ferns can be found in craft stores and home improvement outlets, sometimes these plants fall short in terms of realism. At Artificial Plants Unlimited, we feature artificial ferns that pay respect to this lovely botanical group. Each plant is a brilliant addition to interiors, whether in a bright sunroom or a dimly lit study.

In the category above, artificial ferns are featured in popular varieties like bird's nest, Boston and fishtail ferns. These ornamental plants vary in size and leaf density. Some like the artificial Boston ferns have very robust foliage while others are sparser. This can also depend on the plant that is imitated, as some live species are naturally more or less dense in foliage.

Artificial ferns are sold and ship un-potted (unless noted otherwise) but an array of pots and planters are available for separate purchase through the Artificial Plants Unlimited parent and sister sites. For our commercial clients, artificial ferns can be paired with commercial grade containers that work for offices and other interior applications. For our residential customers, hanging pots and freestanding planters come in various shapes, styles and sizes for a complement to any interior decor. Please visit the Home & Garden or Commercial Planters categories online to explore further.

For custom projects or bulk orders of artificial ferns and other plants, we also offer one-on-one consultation and price quotes over the phone. Our experienced project managers help a range of customers to find the faux ferns, plants and accompanying containers suited to their interior project. For exterior or landscaping designs, a full line of outdoor artificial plants is also available.