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Artificial Shrubs & Artificial Bushes - Indoor

Artificial shrubs and bushes for interior use open up a world of design possibilities inside. Adding faux shrubs and artificial bushes as an accent to interior decor is a great way to liven up spaces and create the convincing illusion of living greenery. These plants are in use at hotels, spas, retail stores, restaurants and also in private residences.

Each of the faux shrubs and artificial bushes found in this online category qualifies as a commercial faux plant rated for indoor use. Although constructed for commercial durability and performance, some of our clients are also residential interior designers and architects who work with homeowners that want a quality and lifelike faux plant option. Indoor artificial shrubs work well in foyers, atriums, sunrooms or even covered open air spaces that lead onto a pool deck or terrace. Plant size, shape, foliage color and texture are all manufactured to give a convincing portrayal of the real thing without any soil, water or other garden maintenance required.

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6' Florida Beauty Shrub
3' or 5' Golden Laurel Shrub
Ming Aralia Shrub 3'
Price: $220.85
5' Dracaena Fragrans Plant
4', 6', 8' or 10' Dracaena Reflexa Tree
4' Giant English Ivy Bush
Potted Ming Aralia Tree 4'
Potted Maple Ivy Bush (2 Sizes)
6' Potted Dracaena Marginata Tree
6', 7' or 8' Potted Giant Schefflera Tree
6' Potted Schefflera Tree
2' or 3' Potted Jade Plant
3', 4', 6' or 8' Multi Trunk Rubber Plant
4' or 8' Potted Croton Tree
4', 5', 6' Podocarpus Tree
4' or 6' Potted Dracaena Warneckii Plant
Potted Stephanotis Plant 3'
4.5' or 6.5' Potted Split Philo On Pole
5.5' or 9' Potted Giant Pothos Plant On Pole
3.5' or 4.5' Potted Dracaena Fragrans Tree
6' or 8' Potted Rainforest Climber On Pole
7' Potted Ruscus Nitida
3' or 5' Potted Brazilian Pittosporum
Acanthus Plant 30in.
24in. Cypress Bush, Indoor
30in. Cypress Bush, Indoor
36in. Cypress Bush, Indoor
Croton Plant 5'
Price: $96.85
Indoor artificial bushes and faux shrubs bring lively plant life to commercial interiors without the hassle of added garden maintenance. Each of the artificial shrubs found in this online assortment is a convincing replica of bushes found in nature. Unlike living plants though, faux shrubs will never dry out, overgrow or wither in inadequate sunlight.

Artificial shrubs are a favorite for commercial use in large atriums, conference rooms, office spaces, private guest rooms at a hotel, and in retail displays or reception areas. Many designers and business owners are turning to artificial bushes and shrubs in place of the real thing because of the long-term practicality in terms of upkeep. These plants look authentic and vibrant while leaving the need for potting, watering or pruning behind. No expensive gardeners and time consuming maintenance required. Just lovely, carefree faux shrubs that are certain to charm for years.

In the category above, Artificial Plants Unlimited has compiled some favorites of our commercial customers including sophisticated options like boxwood, Cypress and ivy. Our clients include commercial designers looking for faux shrubs and bushes to suit a particular project and we also sell to other suppliers. For business owners or project planners looking to purchase artificial shrubs and bushes with accompanying planters, we also partner with out sister site - Planters Unlimited - to create a custom look. Combining the right commercial planters and artificial shrubs is a surefire way to boost the appeal of interior decor.

Faux shrubs from Artificial Plants Unlimited come in an array of styles and sizes to suit most any project. In the empty corner of a cafe or flanking each edge of a retail reception desk, these plants make a fresh impact on interior spaces. Picture the green life you see outdoors in a garden and picture that same crispness applied to an indoor commercial design space. Sharp, vibrant and carefree: that's the kind of character profile that these artificial bushes bring to decor.

Unless noted otherwise, all indoor artificial shrubs and bushes are priced as the plant only. To purchase commercial or residential planters to accompany, we can accommodate clients through our customer order services over the phone.