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Add lifelike green leaves to your home or office with these fake house plants. Our selection of artificial green plants includes a wide variety: aglaonema, hosta, croton, sansevieria, dieffenbachia, and more. These species are well loved houseplants, and their faux versions offer a high quality option for artificial office plants.

Growing plants add a fresh, welcoming touch to any room, but their demands for sunshine and water may make this impractical. This is especially true in a commercial setting. Get hassle-free beauty with these artificial office plants. Place them where you'd like a splash of green and never worry about them again, aside from some occasional dusting. Fake house plants also add a touch of the outdoors without maintenance worries. Choose a lovely pot for presentation, because our artificial green plants are sold un-potted unless noted otherwise in the product description.

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27in. Aglaonema - Grey/Green|Indoor
26" Aglaonema Bush - Gry/Green | Indoor
30in. Aglaonema Plant - Two Tone Green|Indoor
51in. Anthurium Plant - Two Tone Green|Indoor
4' Baby Schefflera - Green/Yellow|Indoor
4.5' Bird Of Paradise - Orange|Indoor
4.5' Caladium Plant - Green | Indoor
34in. Cordyline - Red/Green|Indoor
2' Croton Bush - Multi|Indoor
3' Croton Bush - Multi|Indoor
4' Croton Bush - Green/Yellow/Red | Indoor
4' Dieffenbachia Plant - Green/Yellow|Indoor
27.5in. Dracaena Plant - Green|Indoor
4' Emerald Philo - Green|Indoor
17in. Hosta Plant - Green / White|Indoor
17in. Neanthe Bella Palm - Green|Indoor
27.5in. Sansevieria Bush - Green/Yellow|Indoor
34in. Sansevieria Bush - Dk Green|Indoor
4' Schefflera - Green|Indoor
44in. Spathiphylum Bush - Green|Indoor
4' Split Leaf Philo - Green|Indoor
24in. Peppermint Plant in Fiber Pot
3' Spathiphyllum Bush
Price: $120.85
13in. Salvia Plant w/ Pot
37in. Snake Plant
Price: $106.85
17in. Hosta Plant Green/Burgundy
6' Dracaena Tree
Price: $146.85
16in. Indoor Artificial Dracaena
20in. Croton Multi
Price: $12.85
42in. Acuba Plant Green
Sanserveria (2 Sizes)
Price: $105.85
2.5' or 4' Sanserveria Plant (2 Colors)
3' Potted Baby Aspidistra (2 Colors)
2.5' or 4' Elephant's Ear
7' Potted Chilean Grape Plant
15in. Ajuga Rainbow
Price: $18.85
Assortment Of Cedar Leaf Bushes, Set Of 4
For artificial house plants, artificial office plants or just fake indoor plants that look real for any purpose or project, Artificial Plants Unlimited proudly features our collection of Indoor Artificial Non-Flowering Plants. With each of these fake indoor plants authentically inspired by the real thing, our artificial green plant selection is truly a lifelike garden of choices.

Hold the water, soil and sunlight because fake indoor plants are maintenance free. As artificial office plants, commercial interior designers enjoy incorporating fake indoor plants for their pop of life and attractive long-term savings. No gardening service, no hassle - just fake plants that look real and bring a genuine feeling of vibrancy to interior design.

As artificial house plants, Indoor Artificial Non-Flowering Plants provide a lovely end table option. Or, display an artificial green plant on an attractive stand for kitchen and dining room accents. Fake indoor plants can fill unsightly gaps in corners, spruce up dead wall space or even be applied in hanging baskets for a vertical allure. With fake plants that look real your spaces feel more spirited and thoughtful during any season.

Our extensive artificial green plant selection includes popular fake indoor plants like dracaena, Aglaonema and Anthurium plants. For fake plants that are mostly green with a little hint of other color, our Cordyline or Croton bush incorporate warm hues into their foliage. To browse all Indoor Artificial Non-Flowering Plants, simply scroll up on this page and click on individual products for more detailed descriptions. For artificial office plants or large-scale commercial projects, a representative is available to assist in ordering fake plants over the phone.

Fake indoor plants in this category are all non-fire retardant products, or NFR. For fake plants that look real and exceptionally well made, but come at a high value price, plants designated as NFR are a brilliant option. For artificial office plants and other projects with consideration to building safety codes, Artificial Plants Unlimited also offers inherently fire retardant, or IFR fake indoor plants in another section of our website.

For artificial green plant and Indoor Artificial Non-Flowering Plants with NFR designation, please click on individual products featured above. For large orders, additional questions or to discuss similar fake indoor plants with an IFR designation, please call toll free.