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Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants

Our artificial plants and flowers look realistic and have no maintenance demands. Home and work spaces can benefit immensely from the fresh look of indoor flowering plants and using artificial flowers and plants produces the same serene effect without the demands of live growing.

Varieties of artificial flowers and plants featured online at Artificial Plants Unlimited are of superior quality and outperform the average artificial silk flowers found in home goods and craft stores. Online shoppers will notice that artificial plants and flowers in this section have the letters NFR at the end of each product name. This designates them as non fire retardant artificial plants that require after market treatment. Inherently fire retardant or IFR plants are also available with preventative agents built in to the body of the plant.

Artificial flowers and plants for interior applications are sold plant-only unless noted otherwise. Pots and planters can be purchased separately to accompany your faux plant purchase.

For questions on artificial plants, call customer service :
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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

18in. Red Azalea Bush, Indoor Artificial
18in. Pink Azalea Bush, Indoor Artificial
18in. Cream Azalea Bush, Indoor Artificial
18in. Flowerless Azalea Bush, Indoor Artificial
21in. Bromeliad - Orange/Yellow|Indoor - NFR
18in. Calla Lily Bush - Yellow|Indoor - NFR
18in. Calla Lily Bush - Mauve/Pink|Indoor - NFR
32in. Calla Lily Bush - White|Indoor - NFR
18in. Chantinii - Orange/Red|Indoor - NFR
16in. Dancing Orchid - Yellow|Indoor - NFR
35in. Dendrobium In Pot - Prpl/Wht|Indoor - NFR
25" Dendrobium Orchid - Cream | Indoor - NFR
15in. Guzmania - Red/Green|Indoor - NFR
30in. Guzmania - Red|Indoor
14in. Hibiscus Bush - Orange|Indoor - NFR
25in. White Cymbidium Orchid Spray
46in. Phalaenopsis Spray - Coral|Indoor - NFR
46in. Phalaenopsis Spray - Cream|Indoor - NFR
33in. Phalaenopsis Spray - White|Indoor - NFR
33in. Phalaenopsis Spray - Green|Indoor - NFR
28in. Tulip Bush - Orange|Indoor - NFR
28in. Tulip Bush - Red/Green|Indoor - NFR
28in. Tulip Bush - Yellow|Indoor - NFR
28in.  Tulip Bush - Pink|Indoor - NFR
14in. Happy Rose
Price: $9.85
6.5' Oncidium Orchid
Price: $184.85
14in. Open Rose Plant
5' Cymbidium Plant
Price: $157.85
3' Spathiphyllum Bush W/ Flowers
5' Vanda Orchid Plant
Price: $160.85
23in. Daisy Bush
Price: $27.85
18in. Or 40in. Geranium Bush (3 Colors)
German Violet Bush 9in. (4 Colors)
4' or 5' Potted Bougainvillea Tree - Purple
Rose Tree 4'
Price: $63.85
Azalea Plant 18in. (3 Colors)
Bay Leaf Plant 3.5in.
3.5' Camellia Plant
Price: $69.85
For artificial flowers and plants that are a cut above the usual artificial silk flowers, our Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants category has all your bases covered. We've taken the best species of indoor flowering plants and turned them into lifelike artificial plants and flowers to liven up interiors. Keep the water in the tap and just add personality.

Some of the best indoor flowering plants are highly temperamental in terms of water, soil and sunlight requirements. So, to get well-loved species into homes and offices, an artificial flowering plant makes a divine alternative. Artificial Plants Unlimited offers exotic artificial flowers and plants like colorful bromeliads, orchid and hibiscus. There are also traditional favorites like tulips and Calla lilies.

When you buy artificial plants and flowers at craft stores they often look tawdry and in home decor stores artificial indoor flowering plants can seem pricey for moderate quality. With this Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants selection, online shoppers get a great value and the convenience of buying artificial flowers online with shipping directly to any project destination.

For the best indoor flowering plants in terms of convenience and appearance, an artificial flowering plant is definitely not to be overlooked. Rather than stressing over messy potting, watering and wilting, Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants breathe in all the same liveliness without all the live demands. Deciding to use exotic artificial flowers immediately lifts restrictions on 'planting' possibilities, making it an option to bring tropical Guzmania, elegant Calla lily or even a serene Phalaenopsis into design plans.

All Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants in this category are designated NFR, meaning these indoor flowering plants are a non-fire retardant product. When you buy artificial silk flowers at retail stores most will also be NFR with an option to purchase after market sprays for fire protection. For our lovely and exotic artificial flowers with built-in fire safety, Artificial Plants Unlimited also offers 'inherently fire retardant' or IFR indoor flowering plants.

For more details on Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants in non-fire retardant varieties, please click on individual products above. For questions on how to locate other styles and buy artificial flowers online from Artificial Plants Unlimited, please call toll free.