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Indoor Artificial Flowers & Vines

Indoor artificial flower vines and green fake vines cascade over planters and elegantly trail down walls. All the beauty, but none of the messy soil, potting, water and pruning. Indeed, fake vines are an attractive alternative to live planting and in homes or offices where low maintenance solutions are a must, artificial flower vines are a long-term answer to keeping spaces vibrant and beautiful.

At Artificial Plants Unlimited, we have gone a level above the silk flower vines found at craft and home goods stores. Each plant in this category is a lifelike replica of your favorite living species including clematis, Pittsburgh ivy, and bougainvillea. These are no spars silk flower vines either, with full and thick green foliage and abundant blooms on artificial flower vines these plants have a plentiful presence.

Please note that all artificial flower vines and green fake vines are sold and ship un-potted, unless noted otherwise in the product description. Commercial and residential planters are available to purchase separately. Artificial Plants Unlimited can fully assemble any combination of plant material with the desired planter of your choice.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

26in. Morning Glory Vine, Indoor Rated - Red
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Indoor Rated - Yellow
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Indoor Rated - Pink
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Indoor Rated - Purple
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Indoor Rated - Cream
34in. Hanging Red Azalea Vine, Indoor Artificial
34in. Hanging Pink Azalea Vine, Indoor Artificial
34in. Hanging Cream Azalea Vine, Indoor Artificial
34in. Hanging Flowerless Azalea Vine, Indoor Artificial
42in. Bougainvillea Bush - Fuchsia|Indoor - NFR
42in. Bougainvillea  Bush - Cream|Indoor - NFR
28in. Clematis Vine - Cream/White|Indoor - NFR
28in. Clematis Vine - Lavender|Indoor - NFR
21in. Philodendron Bush - Green|Indoor - NFR
48" Mini Philo Clstr - Green | Indoor - NFR
17in. Pothos Bush - Green|Indoor - NFR
3' Pothos Bush - Green|Indoor - NFR
48" Sage Ivy Bush-Var - Green/Wht | Indoor - NFR
48" Sage Ivy Bush-Grn - Green | Indoor - NFR
30in. Buckler Fern - Green|Indoor - NFR
50" Wandering Jew - Green/Cream | Indoor - NFR
31in. Danica Ivy Bush Green - Green|Indoor - NFR
52in. Frosted Grape Bush - Green Mix|Indoor - NFR
8' Pathos Garland Variegated|Indoor
9' Pathos Garland|Indoor - NFR
6' Grape Ivy Garland with Natural Stem|Indoor - NFR
9' Garland Ivy|Indoor - NFR
5.5' Raspberry Garland
Squash Ivy Hanging Bush 56in.
24in. Flocked Mini Piggyback
47in. Flocked Mini Piggyback
42in. Grape Leaf Hanging Bush
4' Mini Berry Garland (2 Colors)
Mini Leaves Garland 4'
26in. Or 42in. Algerian Ivy Bush
36in. Bougainvillea Bush
20in., 21in. Or 30in. Creeping Charlie Bush
74in. Tea Leaf Garland, Indoor
Some would say that lifelike artificial flowers, artificial flower vines and leafy green artificial vines are the next best thing to live plants. However, when faux flowers and plants look as good as this collection of Indoor Artificial Flowers and Vines, we're inclined to boast that they're even better!

Unlike economy silk flower vines found at craft stores, each of the artificial vines found online at Artificial Plants Unlimited is a top quality replica of living vine species. We offer artificial flower vines in popular varieties like bougainvillea or clematis each with lifelike artificial flowers and green foliage. For green-only indoor fake vines, our online customers enjoy an assortment including Buckler Fern, ivy, Pothos Bush, philodendron and more.

Each of fake vines in this collection is labeled NFR, making it a non-fire retardant product. Most plastic and silk flower vines in retail stores carry a similar designation, and artificial vines purchased without fire protection can be sprayed for safety concerns. For faux flowers and plants with built-in fire protection known as 'inherently fire retardant' or IFR, please visit our section of Fire Retardant Artificial Flowering Plants and Vines.

Artificial flower vines and green foliage are ideal for applications indoors because they require no water or pruning. Instead of hassling with soil and messy irrigation, lifelike artificial flowers and vines bring all the desired liveliness without living, breathing demands on your time. Commercial interior designers love faux flowers and plants, and artificial vines are a favorite for adding a dramatic touch. Imagine cascading artificial flower vines in a spa reception area or in a corporate office space for all the vivacity of greenery and color without added maintenance.

Our Indoor Artificial Flowers and Vines are also an easy alternative at home. Drape a sophisticated Pothos or Sage Ivy Bush atop the highest rung of a shelving unit or use artificial flower vines in a hanging basket for your sunroom. However they're applied, these vines make stunning faux flowers and plants for an extra boost to your interior design. Do-it-yourselfers and interior designers alike will love them!

For more details on Indoor Artificial Flowers and Vines in non-fire retardant varieties, please click on individual products above. For questions on any of the artificial vines from Artificial Plants Unlimited, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.