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Indoor Artificial Green Walls

Indoor Artificial Green Walls transform drab interior spaces with an indoor green wall that doesn't require a watering system or pruning. Faux foliage by Artificial Plants Unlimited includes artificial boxwood mats and other popular varieties like ivy. Unlike their live counterparts, Indoor Artificial Green Walls are low-to-no maintenance and never get dead spots.

Faux foliage thrives year-round regardless of weather conditions and an indoor green wall livens up residential and commercial spaces. As pictured here, artificial boxwood mats work wonders in commercial displays as a point of interest and a fresh looking way to delineate space. At home, Indoor Artificial Green Walls can shake up your interior decor with an infusion of life and greenery, but unlike live plants, faux foliage is easy to maintain.

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Faux foliage in the form of Indoor Artificial Green Walls gives interior spaces a fresh, vibrant appeal without any long-term maintenance cost. For an indoor green wall that works for your interior design, artificial boxwood mats and similar varieties cover a lot of ground at an affordable price.

From Artificial Plants Unlimited, our green wall plants in life-like faux varieties provide a stunning and practical alternative to a live indoor green wall. Our Indoor Artificial Green Walls can be created for custom projects where artificial green plants are desired to provide functional partition coverage or for pure aesthetic value. Applying faux foliage to walls is useful because it doesn't take up additional space and artificial green plants exude a fresh, open-air vibe usually reserved for the outdoors. This liveliness is a powerful asset in commercial settings where having a remarkable image is important.

Artificial boxwood mats like the ones pictured are a popular option for faux green wall plants, but other faux foliage options like ivy and a variety of different grasses are also available. For artificial green plants to be applied as wall covering, Artificial Plants Unlimited can accommodate most custom orders - whether your project requires smaller artificial boxwood mats for the home or an array of different Indoor Artificial Green Walls for a large commercial design scheme.

As displayed in our sample photos, an indoor green wall helps to distinguish drab spaces and liven up decor. Living green wall plants are simply not a possibility in many settings, so faux foliage becomes a highly attractive alternative for interior designers who want the botanical look without the demands of live planting. Artificial green plants like ivy and boxwood are easily translated into wall mats that can boost privacy, help to divide spaces, or even just act as a lively wall covering.

With Indoor Artificial Green Walls, our residential and commercial customers look forward to lasting beauty with no watering, no pruning and no dead spots " ever. Our faux foliage makes an indoor green wall that looks authentic, adds exceptional color and instills a sense of life into your design spaces.

To discuss Indoor Artificial Green Walls for your project, please call one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives for review of styles, sizes and pricing. Artificial Plants Unlimited is available toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.

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