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Artificial Palm Trees for Indoors

Available in all shapes and sizes, the fake indoor palm trees from Artificial Plants Unlimited vary just as this beloved plant does in nature. Choosing indoor artificial palm trees for a resort atrium, a posh salon and spa, or even office spaces gives a feeling of vibrant tranquility. The best part is that these plants do so without any requirements for sunlight, soil acidities or routine maintenance like watering.

Each of the indoor artificial palm trees featured below is a commercial grade product intended for interior use. Commercial and interior designers love them for the exotic pop of greenery they add while going easy on client bottom lines. These plants are virtually maintenance free and essentially pay for themselves over years of use that require no additional expenditures for maintenance or replacement. Although most fake indoor palm trees are priced and ship un-potted - unless noted otherwise - planters are available for separate purchase through our sister site Planters Unlimited.

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72in. Areca Palm Tree, Indoor
26in. Areca Palm Bush - Green|Indoor
26in. Sago Palm Bush - Green, Indoor
18in. Fan Palm - Wood Pot - Green|Indoor
3.5' Areca Palm - Green|Indoor
5' Parlor Palm - Green|Indoor
32in. Ponytail Palm - Green|Indoor
3' Lady Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
5' Cycas Palm Cluster - Green|Indoor
7' Kentia Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
5' Lady Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
7' Deluxe Reed Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
6' Fishtail Palm Tree -  Green|Indoor
8' Fishtail Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
8' Areca Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
7' Lady Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
7' Royal Palm - Green | Indoor
8.5' Kentia Palm Tree - Green|Indoor
7' Roebellini Palm - Green | Indoor
7' Phoenix Palm in Metal Floor Vase
7' Phoenix Palm Tree in Square Metal Planter
7' Dwarf Areca Palm Tree in Square Metal Planter
6' Phoenix Palm in Square Basket
8' Areca Palm in Tall Metal Floor Vase
6.5' Areca Palm in Round Banana Leaf Basket
7' Areca Palm in Square Banana Leaf Basket
Reed Palm in Urn, 8.5'
Price: $1,197.85
Reed Palm in Metal Hexagon Planter, 8'
5.5' Parlor Palm in Banana Leaf Basket
8' Kentia Palm in Banana Leaf Basket
8' Dwarf Areca Palm in Banana Leaf Basket
7' Kentia Palm in Banana Leaf Basket
10' Giant Phoenix Palm Tree
14' Washingtonia Palm
Price: $6,280.85
13' or 15' Large King Palm
22' Royal Fan Palm
Price: $5,800.85
5', 6', 7', 8' or 9' Lady Palm
4' Pindo Palm Tree
Price: $284.85
4' Traveller Palm Tree
2.5' Pineapple Palm
Price: $150.85
6.5' Phoenix Palm Tree
6.5' Potted Fishtail Palm Tree
7' Umbrella Cycas Palm
8' Kentia Palm
Price: $342.85
4', 5', 6', 8' or 9' Potted Lady Finger Palm
2' or 3' Potted Baby Ponytail Palm
6' Areca Palm Tree
Price: $244.85
30in. Bottle Palm
Price: $50.85
Broad Leaf Kentia Palm Tree 6'
Coco Palm Tree 12'
Price: $3,382.85
22.5' Coco Palm Tree
Price: $4,305.85
9' Curved King Cycas Tree
3.5' or 5' Cycas Palm
Price: $165.85
10' Preserved Canary Palm Tree w/ 36 Fronds
Charmingly exotic, fake indoor palm trees make for an undeniable asset to interior decor. Whether filling in the dead space of a large atrium or creating a focal point at a reception desk, indoor artificial palm trees are pleasing to the eye and practical in terms of commercial performance. Purchasing online is easy and plants come ready for years of reliable use that is free from added maintenance, resource and time expenditure.

In restaurants, resorts, retail stores and corporate offices, indoor artificial palm trees are springing up more and more. These plants provide an interesting alternative to the usual interior faux trees and can add a little bit of whimsy and retreat in work spaces, or enhance a laid back vibe in vacation resorts and retail stores. Here, fake indoor palm trees are featured in various styles including those with outwardly sprawling fronds and some with more of a vertical impact like the Royal Palm with its dramatic tall trunk.

For commercial spaces with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic, indoor artificial palms carry a definite element of chicness. With funky silhouettes that sprawl or bend here and there, these plants are interesting to the eye and have a unique sophistication. Fake indoor palm trees are available to suit any scale, from a modest 18"" Fan Palm for tabletop use, to a towering 8"" Areca Palm Tree to fill dead space in a large conference room - and everything in between.

Each of the fake indoor palms feature above is a commercial grade product intended for interior use. Unless noted otherwise, all indoor artificial palm trees are priced and ship un-potted with containers available for separate purchase. Planters Unlimited is our sister site and provides a range of commercial planter options for interior use including containers made from wood, fiberglass and metal.

Please browse in the category above at your convenience and click on individual products for more details regarding plant dimensions, estimated shipping and other specifications. For those clients or designers working on large scale custom projects, an Artificial Plants Unlimited project manager is available to assist with questions and to process a larger order. Comprehensive artificial plant and planter systems can be created upon request.