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Bring the freshness of the outdoors into your interior decor. Featuring realism and vibrancy that goes above and beyond the average silk ficus trees, each of our indoor artificial trees makes a brilliant addition to office, commercial and home spaces. And with artificial indoor trees, there's no water, no potting, and no dead foliage dropping to the floor - just lovely faux plants for easy enjoyment.

Finding convincing silk ficus trees and other varieties is a challenge, particularly since indoor artificial trees are often viewed up close. Designers will find that these products meet that challenge head on though, as each of our artificial indoor trees is commercially manufactured with a natural wood trunk and faux foliage that is botanically correct. These plants are suited to charm passersby of a retail space or patrons of an office. These commercial-quality trees are ready for any interior environment. Unless noted otherwise all plants ship un-potted.

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7' Benjamina Ficus Tree - Green|Indoor
7' Black Olive Tree - Green|Indoor
10' Black Olive Tree - Green|Indoor
6' Bougainvillea Tree - Beauty|Indoor
6.5' Ficus Retusa Tree - Green|Indoor
10' Ficus Tree - Green|Indoor
8' Locust Tree - Green|Indoor
4.5' Mini Ficus Tree - Green|Indoor
6.5' Smilax Jumbo Trunk - Green|Indoor
8' Weeping Willow Tree - Green|Indoor
31in. Pomegranate Tree
Cedar Tree 4'
Price: $150.85
8' Florida Orange Tree
7' Peach Tree
Price: $324.85
6' or 8' Royal Ficus Alii Tree
7' Fruitless Citrus Tree in 16inD Dark Stained Basket
UV Rated Japanese Maple Tree
7' Copper Black Olive Tree in Resin Planter
7' Black Olive Tree with White Trunks in Square Metal Planter
7' White/Black Olive Tree in Resin Planter
7' Red/Black Olive Tree in Round Resin Planter
7' Blue/Brown Olive Tree in Round Resin Planter
7' Green Olive Tree in Zinc Planter
7' Weeping Ficus Tree in Square Metal Planter
7' Bird nest Palm in Square Wooden Planter
8' Banana Tree in Square Wooden Planter
7' Dracaena in Metal Planter
7' Fall Birch Tree in Square Wooden Planter
8' Corn Plant in Tall Square Metal Planter
7' Leopard Print Palm Tree in Willow Basket
7' Zebra Print Palm Tree in Metal Planter
8' Sandblasted Dragonwood Trunk in Sandstone Planter
6' Sandblasted Dragonwood Trunk in Sandstone Planter
6.5' Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Round Glossy Black Resin
7' Ruscus Tree in Square Metal Planter
6.5' Areca Palm in Glossy Black Planter
3' Ming Aralia in Square Metal Planter
Shiny Silver Spiky Tree in Square Metal Planter, 6'
Shiny Black Spiky Tree in Square Metal Planter, 6'
Shiny Red Spiky Tree in Square Metal Planter, 6'
White Spiky Tree in Square Metal Planter, 6'
8' Black Olive Tree in Tall Round Metal Planter
7' Silver Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Square Metal Planter
7' Gold Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Square Metal Planter
7' Red Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Square Metal Planter
7' Black Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Square Metal Planter
9' Banana Tree in Round Banana Leaf Basket
5.5' Rubber Tree in Banana Leaf Basket
5.5' Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Glossy Black Bowl
Fiddle Leaf Fig in Tall Contemporary Resin Vase, 6.5'
White Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Tall Contemporary White Resin Vase, 6.5'
Silver Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Tall Contemporary Grey Resin Vase, 6.5'
9' Burgundy Bamboo Tree in Hexagon Metal Planter
Ficus Alii Tree 6'
Price: $150.85
3' or 6' Potted Mango Plant
2' Potted Olive Tree w/o Olive
7' Potted Y-Shaped Olive Tree
Japanese Maple Tree (2 Sizes, Colors)
3.5' or 5.5' Potted Orange Tree
3.5' or 5.5' Potted Lemon Tree
5', 7' or 8' Potted Dracaena Reflexa Multi Tree
52in. Fiddle Leaf Fig (IFR)
5' Potted Red Schefflera Tree
4' Potted Ficus Fig Tree
6' or 7' Maple Tree
Price: $280.85
5' Potted Sweet Link Tree
5' Potted Green Olive Tree w/ Olives
5' or 7' Potted Pinus Tree
3' Potted Brazilian Schefflera Tree
4' Potted Dakota Laurel
6' Yukon Cedar Tree
Price: $612.85
4' or 6' Potted Banyan Tree
4' or 5' Potted Black Willow Tree
6' Potted Mini Ficus Tree
6' or 8' Potted River Oak Tree
5', 6' or 8' Potted Anita Reflexa Tree
Apple Tree 31in.
Price: $58.85
9' Bread Fruit Tree
Price: $946.85
8' Curly Willow Tree
Price: $150.85
Sweet Bay Cone Topiary In Pot (2 Sizes)
7' Potted Ruscus Nitida
6' Tall Indoor Artificial Cedar Tree
Indoor artificial trees liven up various commercial, retail and office interiors with convenient faux plant life. Online at Artificial Plants Unlimited, we have compiled a collection of artificial indoor trees that outperform the usual lot of silk ficus trees and boxwoods. Each of the artificial indoor trees featured here is durable, lifelike and resilient for long-term performance that saves time and money.

Various project planners are turning to indoor artificial trees for enhancement of office spaces, commercial atriums, walkways and retail displays. And although varieties like silk ficus trees are always popular, the growing diversity of design preference calls for a greater range of options. In the category above, we aim to fulfill a range of different interior projects that call for realistic faux plants. Artificial indoor trees include replicas of olive, ficus, boxwood, dogwood, weeping willow and wisteria, among others. Whether your space calls for an accent piece or space filler, indoor artificial trees are available to suit most any project.

Each of the faux trees featured above is sold and ships as a plant only, unless noted otherwise in the product description. To purchase planting containers to accompany indoor artificial trees, we also offer a comprehensive assortment of commercial grade planters through our partner site Planters Unlimited. For large-scale projects where various artificial indoor trees and complementary containers are required, one of our knowledgeable project managers can assist in creating a custom solution suited to your needs.

From the purchase of a few silk ficus trees to fill dead space, to a full interior design scheme featuring various indoor artificial trees and plants, Artificial Plants Unlimited aims to guide our clients in the right direction. Order online through our convenient and secure website, or call for more details and one-on-one consultation. Each of the artificial indoor trees featured here is of commercial grade quality but can also work for residential applications.

Our clients include interior and commercial designers, business owners, architects, project planners and even homeowners who want realistic looking faux plants to liven interior spaces. See the difference lifelike indoor artificial trees can make for your design while simultaneously cutting out maintenance expenditures - now that's what we call a win-win.