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Indoor Bamboo Forests Sold by the Square Foot | Artificial Bamboo Trees

Growing plants indoors is often not a possibility due to many factors such as lack of sunlight, plant placement or maintenance challenges. Consider Indoor Artificial Bamboo Forests for filling empty corners, creating privacy or simply improving the look of your home or office.

Faux Bamboo Plants feature:

  • Constructed from natural bamboo canes
  • Fast & easy setup
  • Hand painted canes
  • Made in USA
  • Available in any shape and size desired

All bamboo shown below is sold by the square foot and offered in three heights online. We populate forests with different sized canes to assure a lush, natural look is achieved. Calculate the total square footage you need to cover, then shop artificial bamboo plants below.

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4'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Indoor
6'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Indoor
8'H Bamboo Forest Sold by the Square Foot, Indoor

Artificial Bamboo Makes The Best Indoor Forest

Some of the most frequent visual challenges for indoor decor includes several factors which artificial bamboo can satisfy. They include hiding unsightly mechanical parts, separating indoor courtyard areas into functional sections, establishing artificial walls where none existed, creating privacy screens, and/or as a purely attractive, decorative design element. Even when used as mere decorative office plants, fake bamboo eliminates the problems of lack of sunlight that is required for live plants, plant replacement, or plant care challenges. In addition, interior faux plants in the form of artificial bamboo groves add a distinctive design element to any office or professional setting. It's one of the many reasons our artificial bamboo forests for sale have become so popular these days.

Fundamental Benefits of Fake Bamboo

Assembled from native, locally sourced bamboo canes, our Artificial Bamboo Forests are quick and easy to arrange. Made in America using hand-painted stalks that replicate native growth, they are available in whatever shape or size you need to create the desired artistic or functional effect. We can even establish your forest in staggered heights to produce a truly authentic look, just like this sturdy plant occurs in its natural environment. Staggered heights can be particularly advantageous if you will be setting the grove in an irregular shaped room, to hide ugly or unsightly items, or as space dividers for conferences held in large spaces. Besides height customization, we can even customize color and shape.

No Irrigation, No Maintenance Crew - No Problem!

A particularly wise investment, fake bamboo does not require maintenance, staff time to trim, or resources. There's no irrigation system required, no need to water, no sunlight needed to establish a lush look, one that will eliminate expenses and pay for itself over time. All that's required to keep your faux bamboo grove looking as fresh as they day it was installed is to dust off occasionally. Each pole has leaves applied securely, is fastened to individual canes, then "planted" in tough foam medium that ensures your artificial bamboo forest is sturdy and strong.

For specific bamboo forests, simply calculate the square footage you will need to accommodate the space in which it will stand, call to place your order, and stand by for our design expert to contact you for additional details such as shape, height, and covering materials.