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4' Boston Ivy Bush, Fire Retardant

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48" length, 456 leaves

Fire Retardant Plants - Safe Beauties

Beautifying your space with faux plants is an excellent way to enhance the mood and make customers and employees feel more relaxed and upbeat. If you really want to go the extra mile toward making your office, restaurant, or shop a more eye-catching and safe place, our fire retardant artificial plants are the best way to go. Combining lush natural beauty with practical efficiency, these realistic Boston ivy bushes outshine generic, store bought artificial plants. While they give a fresh green feel to your space they also make it safer with their fire retardant quality.

Lifelike Artificial Ivy
Each of these lifelike Boston ivy bushes is created with the highest possible realism in mind. Four generous feet of bushy, dense greenery sprawls and trails from your planters, window boxes, or decorative urns to create a stunning display. This fake ivy bush has over 450 individual leaves in a variety of sizes to imitate new and old growth. Combined with a spectrum of green hues from light to dark, these glossy leaves make this ivy look like it's actually growing. And unlike real live Boston ivy that can quickly outgrow its pot and be a headache to care for, our artificial ivy will never require any maintenance. Simply arrange it to your liking in a window display, in decorative pots, or even draped over doorways and windows.

Artificial Plants for Public Spaces
As an extra safety bonus, this faux ivy plant is specially treated to be fire retardant. Unlike some cheaper alternatives, our faux plants are not just coated with a fire repellant spray afterward. They are actually made from resin impregnated with fire retardant chemicals prior to the molding process. This ability to curb the spread of flames gives extra insurance to your home or business's decorative scheme, and may even be a legal requirement in your area.

48" length, 456 leaves