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Fire Retardant Artificial Flowering Plants & Vines

Fire retardant artificial plants, while not completely fireproof, are a smart and safe extra precaution for homes and office spaces. The Fire Retardant Artificial Flowering Plants & Vines selection at Artificial Plants Unlimited has you covered, from artificial flower vines like bougainvillea to an elegant green ivy bush.

The safest artificial silk plants and resin plants that are fire retardant come from manufacturers who impregnate fire safe chemicals into the resin prior to injection molding. Our fire safe artificial plants are created using this process, unlike economy brands that either bypass fire protection or use aftermarket sprays. Browse our beautiful selection of Fire Retardant Artificial Flowering Plants & Vines below. All plants ship un-potted.

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38in. English Ivy Bush, Fire Retardant
20in. Boston Ivy Bush, Fire Retardant
4' Boston Ivy Bush, Fire Retardant
Fire Retardant Large 48"Pothos Bush
3' Pothos Bush, Fire Retardant
28in. Pothos Bush, Fire Retardant
Fire Retardant 20" Pothos Bush
35in. Philo Leaf Bush, Fire Retardant
3' Pink Fire Retardant Bougainvillea Bush
3' Purple Fire Retardant Bougainvillea Bush
3' Red Fire Retardant Bougainvillea Bush
3' White Fire Retardant Bougainvillea Bush
3' Yellow Fire Retardant Bougainvillea Bush
6' Schefflera - Green|Indoor - NFR
4' Pothos Bush
Price: $175.85
13in. PVC Onion Grass - Green|Indoor

From ivy to bougainvillea, artificial fire retardant plants from Hooks and Lattice are an all-encompassing solution for safety and splendor. At home or at work, our fire resistant plants will bring the convenience of artificial bushes and vines to your interior while alleviating any building code or safety concerns.

Our flame retardant plants are superior in construction due to a built-in fire resistant agent. Rather than buying economy faux plants that require additive spray-on fire protection, our bushes and vines are inherently flame retardant plants. They come ready to provide the home or office with safe, lifelike charm.

Browse our flame retardant plants in the category below including replicas of popular varieties in the form of water-free, low-maintenance, fire resistant plants. First, we offer the impossibly green faux ivy, in English and Boston Ivy Bush styles. For a plant with similar body but a bit different foliage, there are the fire retardant plants modeled after the Pothos Bush and the Philo Leaf Bush. Finally, find fire retardant plants in the form of an attractive faux bougainvillea vine.

Each style of our flame retardant plants is offered in different sizes and our bougainvillea vines come with flowers in a range of colors including yellow, pink, purple, white and red. To explore the full range of options, browse the category of fire resistant plants below and click on individual product descriptions for specific details.

Utilize fire retardant plants at home as an ideal arrangement for end tables, window sills, tough-to-reach shelves, and any other interior application that could benefit from a pop of color - no water necessary. In the office, simultaneously tackle building code and a good work-life balance with fire retardant plants. Our faux vines and bushes are up to most building fire code with the impregnated fire retardant agent.

Each of our fire resistant plants is sold and ships un-potted. Although planters are not included, Hooks and Lattice does offer a comprehensive collection of indoor flower pots and planters in attractive and durable materials like fiberglass, Cellular PVC, wood and metal.

To ask detailed questions about flame retardant plants and get our suggestions on accompanying planters available for separate purchase, please call us at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.

Benefits of Fire Retardant Artificial Plants

In a perfect world, plants would be stylish, easy to care for, and safe. The perfect world can happen right now with a new generation of fire retardant artificial plants. Fire safe silk plants provide the lush look of real plants without the same upkeep, but they also provide safety against the unthinkable. Fire retardant plants can't resist fire, but they can smother it and stop it from spreading. And you can get it all in a variety of life-like fake plants. Here are a few popular options:

  • Green Walls

    "Living" walls aren't quite the same when they're artificial, but the look and feel are still there. Green walls can be used in a variety of places and can serve purposes ranging from privacy from neighborhood sights and sounds to covering unsightly details on a wall. Fire retardant foliage is required for public spaces, so fire safe boxwood hedges, like this artificial living wall and privacy screen, are a great option. Living walls not only create a statement and bring greenery to unexpected areas, but keep you safe as well. The leaves are infused with fire-retardant chemicals that hold their color and shape against the elements.

  • Trees

    Many people think of fake trees as cheap and flimsy, but today's modern artificial trees put that all to rest. Fire retardant artificial trees have leaves that are injected with chemicals during the molding process, which give them a rich, lifelike color instead of the spottiness that comes with topical application. Artificial trees come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. A chic modern option is this 12' artificial bamboo tree, which creates an Asian-inspired statement with its nine natural canes. No matter the style, fire retardant artificial trees are a safety insurance plan to stop fire from spreading quickly.

  • Plants & Vines

    Just because a plant is fire retardant doesn't mean it can't be bright and colorful. A variety of flowering plants and vines come infused with fire retardant chemicals, making them not only stylish, but also safe. Fire retardant chemicals are extra important in vines and plants that hang down, where they could more easily catch fire. Bring fire safety to your home or office with silk flower plants, fake ivy, and vines on tables, counters, and in empty corners. A fresh option is this fire retardant Pothos bush. It will produce lush green leaves year round without pruning or trimming.

Add an extra level of safety to your home with fire retardant decor in artificial trees and plants. Safety, style, and ease are possible with these stunning artificial plants.