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Indoor English Ivy Frames

When planning your next commercial property, consider integrating an artificial ivy frame in your design. Our faux English Ivy frames can be used for nearly any application you can imagine. Make indoor signage, create stunning borders for wall art, or make promotional prints stand out, all the while complementing other aesthetics. These plant picture frames can also be used to feature company photos, city development plans and extend business branding throughout the property. A commercial-grade steel frame is manufactured to any size needed, then powder coated black to protect it from moisture damage and prevent rusting. This sturdy grid makes the perfect palette for securing our artificial ivy titles (or any foliage of your choice) that require no watering, upkeep or high-priced maintenance crews. Upon delivery, simply install the ivy frame in the desired location and dust whenever needed. Full customization is available for foliage type, frame size, and shape. Coordinating hedges and living walls is also possible, allowing you to create a cohesive design element throughout your property.

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English Ivy Frame Indoor, 38inL x 25inH w/ 26inL x 13inH Opening
English Ivy Frame Indoor, 60inL x 42inH w/ 36inL x 18inH Opening
English Ivy Frame Indoor, 70inL x 47inH w/ 46inL x 23inH Opening

Border Signage And Artwork With Faux Ivy Frames

The soft and lovely look of faux ivy can create a unique border for your business's signage and wall art. Using Indoor English Ivy Frames generates a distinctive impression for your customers when arriving in reception areas, for meetings in boardrooms, or bordering signage at offsite events. The thick, rich ivy holds its vibrant green color guaranteed to attract attention and soften sharp edges of otherwise blank, sterile walls. Available in three standard sizes up to seventy inches long, our customization department can create whatever size you need, small or large.

Each ivy frame is UV protected to prevent discoloration from harsh fluorescent lights. The poly-blend foliage mimics the look of lush, rich ivy as it appears in nature yet does not require any upkeep other than periodic cleaning. No maintenance such as watering or pruning is required, and cleaning is a breeze. Just wipe leaves with a camp cloth or mist lightly before wiping dry. The natural shine is always retained to look as vibrant as the first day you decorated your walls.

Our English ivy foliage is made from the highest grade material available on the market today. Thickly woven foliage is handcrafted onto rugged mesh to create the dense look of ivy as found in nature. The material is then handcrafted to a strong iron metal skeleton, which is further protected by a black powder coating, repelling moisture and eliminating rust, corrosion or degradation. The entire frame and foliage combination is designed to last for years of use with no upkeep required.

Indoor English Ivy Frames are perfect for decorating signage for your business, adding a suggestion of rustic natural charm and eclectic sophistication. Some companies even use faux ivy frames to border computer monitors so they are integrated into the decor of the office. Add a living wall or artificial hedge to coordinate building entrances or reception areas. Ideal for office buildings, public space in civic buildings such as libraries, auditoriums, and government offices. Call our custom specialists today for design ideas for your next project.