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Indoor Artificial Jumbo Bamboo

If you are looking for indoor artificial plants that create a dramatic and generous forest effect, Indoor Artificial Jumbo Bamboo is the answer. From 14 feet high at the smallest and 24 feet for larger spaces, these phenomenal fake plants look so real you might think they require watering but of course they don't. It's one of the beauties of incorporating extra large, lush, green bamboo sticks as part of your decorating scheme. Order as:

  • Individual canes, clusters or groves
  • Bamboo mounted in soil bases retrofitted to fit containers
  • Bamboo in Modern Fiberglass Planters for instant appeal

Use them to create large open space dividers for ballrooms, conferences, even as partitions in atriums separating functional spaces from one another. Large bamboo stalks reflect all the beauty of nature without the upkeep or maintenance, too, as do all artificial indoor plants. What's more, by adding Artificial Jumbo Bamboo stalks, they draw the eye upward in rooms with high-ceilings, creating a sense of grandeur and intimacy at the same time. Our bamboo cane is available in several stalk colors including black, green or yellow, ensuring your interior color scheme will be perfectly complemented with your new bamboo decor.

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48in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Indoor
72in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Indoor
96in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove, Indoor

Outdoor Artificial Jumbo Bamboo: The Perfect Privacy Fence

Do you need to cover up an colorless bare wall on a building's exterior? Or maybe block an ugly dumpster? Maybe you just need to create a visual barrier from passersby or the glare of traffic lights from your building. Your problems can be solved with exotic faux plants such as our Outdoor Artificial Jumbo Bamboo groves. With a healthy array of bamboo sticks, these fake trees provide all the cover you need to hide whatever is worrisome in your exterior environment. Bamboo trees have conveyed all the charm and ambiance of the East for centuries. Yet, with live trees, there's always so much upkeep involved between frequent watering and pruning. Live bamboo trees in particular must be cut back frequently as they tend to grow rapidly and invade surrounding plant life. By contrast, outdoor artificial bamboo plants, however, no growth means freedom from pruning and watering, saving your business both staff time and money.

The Many Shapes and Forms of Jumbo Bamboo

Artificial plants from bamboo look as real as the real thing. Consequently, each bamboo grove you buy, whether mounted in spikes or 'planted' in an alluring fiberglass, wood, or stone planter provides the perfect barrier no matter what purpose you are using it for. And besides serving as covering for unsightly objects such as mechanical equipment or other objects, artificial plants from bamboo offer so much beauty in their own right. Made using lush, green foliage overlapping yet evenly spaced on each cane just like they appear in nature, bamboo stalks block out some light without blocking all of it. What's more, our outdoor artificial bamboo trees are offered in three distinctive cane colors to match your exterior decor: green, yellow, and black.

Exotic yet Durable Outdoor Bamboo Plants

Constructed using heavy and durable poly material, our bamboo is UV-treated to keep leaves' vibrant green color as fresh-looking as when it was first assembled. As such, artificial outdoor bamboo trees maintain a vibrancy without having to wait for live plants to grow and fill out, letting your business be landscaped immediately and effectively. Plus, the leaves won't fade over time. Besides our standard sizes, outdoor bamboo tree groves can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications. For additional information, please contact us at the number below to speak with one of our design specialists.