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Indoor Lighting Fixtures in the form of ceramic lights have become more than just ordinary lights. They have also become works of art. When it comes to lighting stores online, the exquisite white earthenware clay bisque-fired ceramic lights offered by Fabby through Hooks and Lattice, are stunning. Both functional and beautiful, the Fabby collection includes artisan-crafted pendant lights, lights for bedroom walls, ceramic sconces, vanity lights, table lights, door lighting fixtures, lights for bedroom ceilings, door lighting fixtures, bathroom lighting, even task lighting.

Each individual ceramic light is impeccably designed, suitable for the most discerning interior designer, homebuilder, or homeowner interested in enhancing their decor. Whether its pendant lighting with seashells or diamonds, or a lovely children's table lamp rendered with a Milky Way or dragonfly theme, once molded and fired, our superbly designed and exquisitely crafted ceramic light collection offers a design sure to brighten any room by their soft lit shape display on walls or ceilings. Lovely to gaze upon and practical too, check out the entire collection for your creative lighting solution--for the bath, the bedroom, living and dining areas, halls, and more.

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Stunning Indoor Lighting Designs by Fabby

There's nothing more beautiful than the soft flickering light of ceramic cutouts to lend shapes and character to a room or hallway. With Fabby Lighting's white earthenware clay ceramic-fired collection, the choices are colossal. From door lighting fixtures to semi-flush ceiling lights to pendant lighting and beyond, your home will showcase both grandeur and subtlety fit for a photo spread in a design magazine. Our white earthenware ceramic collection also includes some of the most unique designs for overhead lighting, as well as lights for bedroom walls, sconces, and pendant lights. Each fixture is handcrafted from clay before firing, to create a custom look. While sold in our unique milky white trademark finish for a pristine look, our ceramic light fixtures are also available in a multitude of colors to match any decor.

As a leader of lighting stores online offering pendant lights, task lighting, and lights for the bedroom ceiling, Hooks and Lattice is proud to showcase a wide array of cutout shapes guaranteed to enhance any environment. Ideal for the individual homeowner with an artistic flair, the Fabby Ceramic Cutout Collection provides diverse options for interior designers and homebuilders looking to increase value in their modern lighting offerings to customers as well.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Each ceramic lamp fixture is elegantly handcrafted by our artisans, before pouring the superior grade clay into a slip cast mold with a unique custom design. Once molded, the piece undergoes bisque-firing at an optimized temperature to create a durable fixture. Depending on individual categories, themes can include whimsical designs such as dragonflies on table lamps, a block pendant light with star patterns, lovely leaflets on semi-flush ceiling lamps, or the Home Sweet Home table lamp for your child's bedroom. Design choices are plentiful, as plentiful as the color options should you elect a shade to match a particular decor.

From bathroom vanity lights to wall sconces to ceiling lamps, our custom themed designs number in the dozens. With so many choices, you are sure to find one that is just right for your home. Warm and inviting, each table lamp or semi-flush ceiling fixture will enhance not just the light in your home, but its beauty too.