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Two-Way Iron Straight Arm Banner Bracket Set

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Two-Way Pole Banner Brackets

Pole banners that are hung freely to flap in the breeze portray a half-finished feel. Unsecured banners are also likely to twist and turn, making it difficult to read your signage at all times, especially in windy or rainy weather. If you want to display your signage in a classy way that is sure to be noticed, consider using our two-way iron pole banner brackets. These straight-arm brackets ensure that your vinyl sign hangs secure and straight for all to see. These convenient bracket sets also give a more upscale look to your exterior space, showing your professionalism and conscientiousness for every last detail.

Custom Banner Brackets Upon Request

These two-way brackets are made to fit with either round, octagonal, or square poles. Choose your pole with from 3", 4", or 6" round. In each order you will find two pole-mounting brackets with an arm on either side for display on both sides of a pole. All sets are available with an arm length of 20", 26", 32", or 38." Our banner brackets are made from durable welded steel and have a black powder coat finish. You will never have to worry about these handy brackets rusting or corroding out in the elements. If you need brackets customized for a specific pole- such as tapered or a larger diameter- we are happy to make custom banner brackets to your exact specifications.

Uses for Pole Banners

You can adjust your banner arms to the correct distance apart for you sign. Please note that the arm length should typically be two inches longer than the banner width. On each side the brackets have an eyelet where the arm meets the mounting plate. Secure your sign in place using a zip tie or string via the sign's corner grommet. You won't ever have to worry about your sign slipping out of place! Pole banners make an attractive display medium in parks and shopping courtyards, parking lots, municipal spaces, and entertainment venues.

Arm Dimensions:
Made of 1"x1" Square Steel Tube (end of tubes are sealed) in lengths of 20, 26, 32, and 38 inches

Clamshell Style Mounting Brackets:
Each mounting bracket is designed to fit your specific pole shape, taper or diameter. Must specify at time of order. Choose the appropriate "Pole Type" and "Arm Length" from their respective drop down boxes above.

Banner Product Selection Guide:
Wall Mount Banner Brackets-
Banner Swift Suction Cup banner brackets (Interior Light duty) - Interior use only. Must be applied to a clean smooth (glass) surface and banners up to 8 sq. ft. should be mounted so that the bracket and banner are kept out of reach .

CItySite fiberglass banner brackets (Interior/Light duty) - An economical way to display your banner on a temporary or semi-permanent basis. Interior use or exterior location with little or no wind.

Straight Arm Steel Wall mount - With a powder coated Black finish these steel banner brackets are suitable for most exterior banner applications and are able to handle light to moderate breezes for banners up to 12 sq.ft. (heavy duty version of this bracket is available - call for details)

Straight Arm Steel Wall mount with Ball Finial end - same as item above but has the added design element of a removable Ball Finial.

Iron Artwork Wall mounted Steel banner brackets - like our straight arm banner brackets but with the decorative flourish of custom scroll work added. Suitable for exterior use and very popular with museums, theatres and school campuses. Recommended for banners of up to 12 sq. ft. (heavy duty version of this bracket is available - call for details)

Universal Straight Arm Steel banner brackets - a beefier version of our standard straight arm brackets. The Universal Straight Arm brackets have a 2"x2" arm and are designed for larger banners (up to 24 sq ft or smaller banners in moderate breezy locations)

Universal Straight Arm Stainless Steel banner brackets- just like the standard Universal Straight arm bracket but made with Stainless Steel. This bracket is ideal for coastal locations or where the look and finish of stainless steel compliment the surroundings. (Special order item - call for lead times and pricing).

Trapeze Style steel banner brackets (lighted and non-lighted) - with or without lights our Trapeze style banner brackets are an elegant way to display your banners. Can be used in-doors or out and typically used for taller banners (up to 24 sq. ft.). Heavy duty version available but neither version is recommended for windy locations.

Wall Mount Banner Frame Systems-
Banner Straight Rail System - made from extruded aluminum our Banner Straight Rail kits can be combined to accommodate surface mounting of banners up to 250 sq. ft. For banners of 16 sq ft or more it is recommended that rails also be placed on the sides of the banners as well to prevent wind from getting behind the banner and allowing it to billow or blow away from the wall.

Post/Pole Mount* -
CItysite fiberglass Banner brackets (Interior/Light Duty) - An economical way to display your banner on a temporary or semi-permanent basis. Interior use or exterior location with little or no wind.

Boulevard solid fiberglass Banner Brackets - A more robust exterior rated solid fiberglass construction. Suitable for permanent exterior installations with light to moderate winds on banners up to 12 sq ft.

Fiberflex Fiberglass Banner Brackets - Like the Boulevard brackets a more robust exterior rated solid fiberglass construction. Suitable for permanent exterior installations with light to moderate winds on banners up to 12 sq ft.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Arm banner brackets - With their 1.5" diameter round arms our aluminum heavy duty brackets are comparable in durability to the Fiberflex and Boulevard brackets and provide the unique look of an all aluminum hardware solution.
Banner Saver fiberglass Banner brackets- The solution for banner installations in higher wind environments. The spring loaded tensioning system on these brackets is specifically designed for moderate to higher wind applications. Available in four different configurations these brackets will allow for banners to survive in winds up to 65 mph.

*Please note, regardless of which style banner bracket you are installing, if the banner brackets are being installed on a “square" pole higher strength stainless steel banding is strongly recommended. Wind loads on banners installed on square poles can cause the standard “quick disconnect" straps to loosen or break (typically not an issue with “Round" poles). Plastic corner edge guards are also available/recommended for Square post installations (please call for details).

How do I select the right banner bracket for my project?
The Sign Bracket Store offers a large selection of banner brackets and rail systems to meet a wide range of installation requirements and weather conditions. To help you select which product is best suited for your project, please review the options and suggestions below. If you aren't sure which product is right for you or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact our customer care department and we'll be happy to answers your questions and help guide you to the correct solution including providing you with a quote to make you a pair of custom banner brackets.

Is your banner going to be installed inside or out?
Inside: For most interior banner installations our light duty “CitySite" banner bracket series will meet your needs. These can be wall or post mounted and accommodate banners of 24", 30" or 36" wide. Our post mounted style CitySite brackets come in either a single banner (one banner on one side of the pole) or dual banner (one banner on “each" side of the pole) configuration. The CitySite banner bracket systems, with their cast aluminum bases, Black fiberglass arms and optional ball finials, provide a cost effective solution for interior or short term exterior banner installations. If you plan to install a large banner (over 12' sq ft) or one that may be subjected to windy conditions please consider our steel arm or Banner Saver products

Outside: If the banner is going to be installed outside on a wall or a post you should consider our steel banner bracket pairs or, if the banner will be subjected to windy or gusty conditions, then the “Banner Saver" product will be the hardware of choice.

Please note: the light duty CitySite fiberglass banner brackets can and have been used successfully in many exterior project but they should not be used in applications where winds of over 10 Mph are common or where gusty or shifting winds are possible.

What size is your banner?
Pole or wall mounted banner arms typically range in widths of between 12" and 36" and anywhere from 2' to 10' tall. Keep in mind the weather conditions that will exist at your banner location and select the banner bracket solution that best matches these conditions and your banner size. Larger banners or banners in windy or icy location may require reinforcing and heavy duty hardware and the banners themselves may require reinforcing to survive in adverse weather conditions. Please also note, most of our banner brackets are sized so that they are approx. 1/2" to 2" longer than the width of your banner (i.e. 26" arm for a 24" banner).

I don't need a banner bracket on the bottom of my banner. Can I buy just one?
Most of our banner bracket pairs can be purchased individually. Please call for details and pricing.

I see the banner bracket style/type that I want but not in the size I need?
We can custom make almost any of our banner bracket products, please call for details, pricing and lead times.

Do you have Illuminated banner brackets?
Yes, our Trapeze style banner brackets are available with a light kit option (lights sold separately) call for details.

Before Installing your banner brackets!
Regardless of which type of banner bracket you are using, it should be installed by a qualified, experienced person. Please also note, many municipalities may have specific sign and banner regulations which dictate the maximum size of a banner, where and how a banner can be displayed and for what length of time. It is always best to check with your local Planning Department before making and installing any banner. If you have any questions regarding the assembly or installation on any of our banner bracket products, please call or e-mail us with any questions.
Please contact us with any questions or if you need more information regarding any of our products:

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