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Ivy Hedge in Real Copper-Lined European Iron Planter

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Each Order Includes:

  • Outdoor Artificial Ivy Hedge
  • European Wrought Iron Planter Cage
  • Wrought Iron Planter Stand

Decorating with Traditional Elegance

Adding a unique and breathtaking decorative focal point to your façade, deck or patio is easy with this all-inclusive faux ivy hedge and planter. Our perfectly manicured rectangular hedges are a handy alternative to live greenery. And in a classic European iron cage stand and real copper liner, these ivy hedges are truly an elegant addition to your outdoor décor. The black iron cage stand features a traditional scrollwork design, with individual bars dramatically curving into S-shapes on all four sides. Even the legs are scroll designed for that flawless artistic look from top to bottom. Gleaming true copper planters complete the picture, making this a decorative fixture that is sure to draw eyes.

Handsome Faux Ivy Privacy Screening

With the highest degree of botanical realism, our faux ivy privacy screening hedges bring the joy of lively greenery to your space, minus the maintenance. Real English ivy can be a pain to grow; and who has the time for all that watering and clipping? This brushy shrub will keep its pristine look after many years outdoors, no care required. We use high-grade UV-resistant faux foliage for these hedges. The foliage is entwined on a sturdy reinforced iron grid and securely fastened into the copper planter box liner. This all-in-one planter combo doesn't require any extra drilling or installation work.

Resilient Iron Cages and Copper Liners

Our artificial ivy hedges in iron and copper planters are a perfect solution for outdoor practical applications, both residential and commercial. They are an attractive alternative to boring site furnishing, creating privacy screening, blocking unwanted views, directing foot traffic, or serving as a property barrier. Made for outdoor use, these black wrought iron plant stands are resistant to weather damage and rust. The copper liner is also impervious to rot and insect damage. Real copper will patina over time to an attractive greenish-blue, offering even more character to your planter.

The Elevated European Iron Planters are delivered via common ground carrier to your home or business. Each order includes:

  • Wrought Iron Planter Cage & Liner
  • Wrought Iron Planter Stand
  • Outdoor Artificial Hedge

36" Size:

Interior: 37" L x 9" W x 9"H
Exterior: 43" L x 12" W x 9"H
Hedge: 36"L x 8"W x 12"H
Stand: Choose from 9" or 18"H (total display height is 20"+)

48" Size:

Interior: 49" L x 9" W x 9"H
Exterior: 55" L x 12" W x 9"H
Hedge: 48"L x 8"W x 12"H
Stand: Choose from 9" or 18"H (total display height is 20"+)

Both sizes include a commercial-grade iron grid that stays hidden in the planter once installed, holding the hedge in the planter safe and secure, while still allowing for simple removal whenever desired. Hedge grid is also powder coated black and is resistant to rust. All industrial grade, UV protected materials. Custom orders accepted.