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Iron Latch for Doors & Gates

Sliding aluminum and iron latches featured online at Hooks & Lattice include attractive iron gate latch options that also work for doors and functional window shutters. Each aluminum and iron latch pictured in the category below is a working piece of hardware, with a slider bar on one side that catches and secures to a fastener on the other.

For doors, gates or shutters, these aluminum and iron latches are given an elegant black powder-coated finish with high-end appeal. Choose an ornate iron gate latch in the Gothic or Scorpion style for a striking statement on a garden or backyard gate, or swap an embellished iron latch for a simpler Aluminum Scroll Bolt option. Fantastic in functionality and appearance, new aluminum and iron latches are an easy and affordable way to make everyday doors, gates and shutters, extraordinarily eye-catching. Browse aluminum and iron latches and place your secure order online in the style and quantity desired.

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8" Aluminum Scroll Bolt - Each
8" Aluminum Traditional Gate Latch
Scorpion Flat Bar Latch - Flat Black
Gothic Slider Latch - Flat Black
Buy working, decorative aluminum and iron latches online, and apply as an iron gate latch or window shutter hardware for an extra boost of curb appeal. Traditionally, an iron latch was utilized for functional closure and security. Today, aluminum and iron latches still serve this purpose, but their nostalgic design value also brings an undeniable air of charm to residential architecture.

Each aluminum and iron latch found in the product category above is made from quality materials that are given an elegant powder coated black finish. Reminiscent of an antique wrought iron gate latch, these new aluminum and iron latches feature both simple and embellished designs. Comprised of a sliding bar iron latch and fastener, these pieces are functional hardware with a decorative element.

Popular as an iron gate latch in gardens and on side gates in the yard, a sliding bar configuration looks attractive and also serves the functional purpose of keeping doors closed. Particularly for swinging gates, iron latches that feature a sliding bar and fastener are a practical way to maintain enclosures while adding that little extra design detail. An aluminum or iron latch can accomplish the same thing for doors and working window shutters. In fact, mounting a flat bar iron latch is among the most popular finishes on our Board & Batten shutters for its affordability, ease and high-end appearance.

Although aluminum and iron latches in this product category are working pieces of hardware, each can also be mounted for strictly decorative purposes - whether it be to create the illusion of a swinging gate in a stationary garden fence, or as an added detail to fixed second story dormer shutters. Whether or not they actually fasten a door, shutter or gate closed, latches contribute a timeless boost to curb appeal.

Assorted aluminum and iron latch styles in the category above are available for convenient, secure online order via Hooks & Lattice. For questions on any of the products pictured on our website, or to discuss large or custom orders, your toll free call is encouraged.

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