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Metal & Iron Trellises and Garden Screens

For attractive metal trellises and wrought iron garden screens, browse this compilation of styles online at Hooks & Lattice. Choose from a freestanding iron trellis style or designs that work with your favorite pots to help climbing vines along their way. Both garden screens and trellises come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in designs that are straightforward or more ornate.

Wrought iron trellises and garden screens are a timeless addition to any exterior and gardeners turn to them for a combination of practical and aesthetic purposes. Traditionally, an iron trellis is a functional tool for growing plant species that like to climb or as a backing for flowering plants that grow tall and struggle to support their own weight. In addition to encouraging healthy growing, metal trellises and garden screens are also used as purely decorative accents that add pleasing background to flower beds and container garden arrangements. Larger garden screens are great for privacy in an outdoor sitting area on patios and porches.

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Bird and Bell Trellis
Cascade Gardens Adjustable Height Trellis
Skyscraper Garden
Price: $37.85
Garden Screen
Price: $398.85
Ash Leaf Trellis
Price: $76.85
Large Leaf Trellis
Price: $119.85
60in.W x 60in.H Iron Garden Screen with (6) 8in. Flower Pot Holders
Garden Sphere - Small
Garden Sphere - Medium
Garden Sphere - Large
Dark Brown Metal Garden Spheres, Set of 3
Garden Spheres - Set of 3 powder coated steel
Garden Trellis
Price: $110.85
36in. Globe Yard Art Planter Trellis w/ Stand
36in. Basket Yard Art Planter Trellis w/ Stand
64in. Cone Yard Art Trellis
36in. Horn of Plenty Yard Art Planter Trellis w/ Stand
Adrianna Trellis
Price: $154.85
Hourglass Arch Trellis
Eden's Garden Trellis
Price: $295.85
Garden Ivy Trellis
Price: $250.85
French Arch Trellis
Price: $155.85
Contemporary Square Trellis
Get garden screens for privacy, a decorative iron trellis to add visual appeal, or use wrought iron trellises to guide climbers or plants with heavy flowers. Whether your project is practical, ornamental, or a combination of both, Hooks & Lattice has compiled attractive wrought iron trellises and garden screens to accommodate a range of projects.

The iron trellis is one of the most beloved tools in gardening because of an alluring look and the range of planting options its provides. Gardeners often employ combinations of trellises and garden screens to enable climbing plants and flowering vines to elegantly scale the sides of their home and add vertical appeal to garden beds. Clematis, morning glories and bougainvillea are a few favorite climbers that add brilliant green foliage and bright flowers to your outdoor repertoire. These and other lively choices add a vertical element to gardens that is made possible with the addition of trellis support.

Styles available in this product category are diverse, and include wrought iron trellises made for stand-alone applications in addition to iron trellis styles that work as pot inserts. Garden screens and large trellis options include interesting styles, like a screen that comes with pot rings for securing hanging pots and also a 'Skyscraper Garden' configuration that can be propped up against a wall or fence. The latter design is a great option for school projects, urban homes or for gardeners who want to grow vegetables while using minimal space. This unique trellis spreads over just four square feet but can produce more growth than a plot measuring twenty-four square feet when planted effectively.

Just by browsing the garden screens and trellises above it's easy to see the variety available. Small or large, ornate or casual, each design is uniquely beautiful. To see specific product details, click iron trellises and screens above to see dimensions, further description information and estimated shipping times. Although an online resource for home and garden goods, Hooks & Lattice also makes a team of knowledgeable representatives available to our customers. We welcome your toll free call to ask questions and learn more about products you wish to order.