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English Ivy Hedges in Planters, Outdoor

It just got a lot easier to put together the perfect commercial outdoor space. With our collection of English ivy hedges in planters, you can get the charm and greenery of classic hedges without the fuss or costs of upkeep. These outdoor planters with artificial plants are incredibly lifelike and can be customized to create the perfect look for your space.

The possibilities are limitless and our ivy hedge selection is amazing. Browse our catalogue and take a look a the inspiration galleries to get your creative juices flowing, then call our representatives to see what we can do for you. If doesn't take much to truly transform a space into something amazing with faux foliage.

Questions about Fake Ivy Hedges in Planters? Call:
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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Hedge in Modern Planter 24inL x 12inW
English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Hedge in Modern Planter 36inL x 12inW
English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Hedge in Modern Planter 48inL x 12inW
English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Hedge in Modern Planter 60inL x 12inW
English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Hedge in Modern Planter 72inL x 12inW
English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Hedge in Modern Planter 96inL x 12inW

High-Quality English Ivy

Our high-end artificial plants are nothing like the dusty old things you might be used to. Made of the highest quality commercial-grade materials, these plants are made to mimic the color, shape, density, and size of living counterparts. The plants also contain a fade-resistant material so they can withstand even the harshest outdoor elements and still look their best. Our fiberglass planters are outdoor rated for lasting, maintenance-free use. With such high quality artificial plants, you and your customers can enjoy lush greenery year round without the stress and cost of plant maintenance.

Customizable Ivy Hedges

Each ivy hedge is completely customizable and can be constructed to fit the exact needs of your space. Our hedges come in a wide range of sizes, starting at 12" tall and running all the way to 96" tall for a show-stopping focal point. If you don't see exactly what you need, we can custom make nearly any size to get a hedge that fits your space like a glove. Choose from a huge variety of planter colors and finishes; a modern rooftop bar could use a metallic silver planter and a rustic mountain lodge would shine with terracotta or matte brown planters. These artificial hedges aren't a cookie cutter approach to commercial design; they are a unique art piece that reflects your style and purpose.

Functional Fake Ivy

Aside from being beautiful and durable, fake ivy hedges are also incredibly functional. Our hedges can be used in countless ways to add texture and color to your design. Use tall hedges to cover unsightly walls or divide a dining space with privacy hedges, or use smaller hedges to line an entryway or direct traffic. Our English ivy hedges work well in indoor and outdoor commercial and residential spaces. Even better, the hedges can be moved and rearranged to meet the changing needs of special events or trade shows. Our representatives can help you create the perfect hedges to accomplish all of your design goals - give them a call to discuss how to make your projects as beautiful and maintenance free with artificial ivy hedges.