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Ivy Topiary Balls - Indoor

Artificial topiaries for interior applications are a wonderful way to incorporate indoor topiary art without the rigors of live plant care. Each indoor topiary ball created from artificial ivy utilizes the well-loved live species as its muse, emulating the plant structure impeccably right down to each deep-green leaf.

Modeled after a traditionally loved garden art, artificial topiaries seek to embody all the discipline and charm of live topiary art without the investment of time and resources. An Ivy Indoor Topiary Ball works well in a singular application atop urn planters, or in groups for larger round or rectangular planters.

An Ivy Indoor Topiary Ball can be created to suit custom size requirements. To begin an indoor topiary order, describe your target application including dimensions to one of our knowledgeable project managers for a price quote and order information.

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An indoor topiary is timelessly elegant, and artificial topiaries from Artificial Plants Unlimited are even more so in that their lifespan is endless. Picture the refined charm of an indoor topiary ball in stunning ivy, with dark green foliage covering a mass of authentic looking brown branches. Perched atop an urn planter, in a decorative bowl, or amongst other artificial topiaries in a multi-plant arrangement, an Ivy Indoor Topiary Ball is distinctly charming.

Brought to you by Artificial Plants Unlimited, indoor topiary art in faux arrangements opens up a world of possibilities. Instill the old-world charm of English gardens into sun rooms, dining areas or hotel guest rooms with spherical artificial topiaries made from stunning faux ivy. Each indoor topiary ball is made from superior artificial materials, ensuring that each bundle of deep-green ivy foliage set against a tangle of brown branches is lifelike and durable for long-lasting use.

Artificial topiaries are an extension of a millennia-old, living art form that has graced everything from European castle gardens to front porches. Each indoor topiary ball is based on a live plant muse, with great care and attention to detail put into the creation of lifelike replicas. A faux indoor topiary, particularly ball topiary designs, are exceptionally popular in commercial applications like hotel lobbies, restaurant dining rooms, the reception area of a salon and spa, or in retail spaces as display accents. An indoor topiary ball can live and thrive in any interior, so the possibilities are countless.

Our indoor topiary ball is pictured here in ivy, but also comes in boxwood or Podocarpus styles. Ivy Artificial Ball Topiaries are each a commercial grade product intended for interior applications, with many of our customers also representing residential projects. For exterior applications, artificial topiaries are also available as outdoor-rated faux plants via this website in the Artificial Topiaries - Outdoor product category.

To begin your custom order of Indoor Artificial Topiaries in this Ivy Ball style, please call toll free: 1-888-320-0626 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).