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Indoor English Ivy Living Walls

Infuse your interiors with the sophisticated look and feel of Indoor English Ivy Living Walls. Made from commercial grade, high quality artificial plants material. Each one is comprised of poly-blend foliage that contains a slightly variegated green leaf just like the ones found in nature, creating the lush green walls you see. Assuming the classic ivy vining motif, there's no maintenance required even though they look lush and green every day. Our ivy living walls are designed to maintain their vibrant natural appearance in an indoor setting.

Perfect for offices, airports, shopping malls, casinos and more, our bespoke green walls dress up any room in which they find themselves. They can also beautify gyms, dreary parking garages, sports arenas and the like. Plus, you don't have to hire a maintenance crew since they don't need to be watered or trimmed like real ivy does. Fabricated ivy walls are hand-assembled on a sturdy powder coated iron frame. From there, scaffolding is hidden using artificial living wall foliage made from realistic-looking material. Available in six standard sizes, call for customized options today.

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English Ivy Indoor Artificial Living Wall 48inL x 24inH
English Ivy Indoor Artificial Living Wall 48inL x 48inH
English Ivy Indoor Artificial Living Wall 72inL x 48inH
English Ivy Indoor Artificial Living Wall 72inL x 60inH
English Ivy Indoor Artificial Living Wall 96inL x 60inH
English Ivy Indoor Artificial Living Wall 96inL x 72inH
Freestanding Vine Wedding Wall 16ft.L x 9ft.H

Increase Beauty And Sustainability With Indoor English Ivy Living Walls

Going green has definitely become the trend in design, both inside and out, in recent years. As individuals and companies become more conscious of the environment, they want to incorporate it in workspaces, as well as minimize any damage to the environment in the process. One clear way to do that is by using long-lasting sustainable items such as high quality artificial plants. Instead of increasing consumption, adding faux green walls in lieu of live walls, maintenance, upkeep and plant replacement is eliminated. In fact, no watering is required with artificial plant material, no fertilizing, and no staff time is required. While ivy living walls need occasional dusting off with a damp cloth or light mist, this is minimal.

What's more, the beauty of Indoor English Ivy Living Walls lasts for years, retaining their original rich, vibrant green far longer than any living plant will. This makes their expense over the long term, far more cost-effective. Most living ivy plants need pruning and frequent attention to look anywhere close to the thick and lush foliage our faux green walls possess. All in all, the advantages are numerous when adding artificial English ivy green walls, not the least of which is their ultimate beauty that is sustained with little to no maintenance.

We Make Green Design Look Good

How do we make it look so good? Each English ivy tile is densely woven onto a rugged grid and secured with industrial grade fasteners to create that thick lushness you see. The high grade poly-blend material is manufactured to last indefinitely, while still retaining its deep, rich mix of color, just as English ivy does in nature. The material is then affixed to a sturdy iron grid whose shelf life is further enhanced by a protective powder coating, repelling moisture and eliminating rust, extending the life of the product.

These lovely English ivy living walls are available in six standard sizes but our custom department can make whatever size your plans require. No matter which size you choose, these green walls create an attractive backdrop behind reception desks for hotels, lining hallways, strategically placed near other artwork, and more.