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28in. Jade Plant and Fern in Tall Glass Jar with Lid

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An Everlasting Woodland Display

Like a miniature time capsule, this tall glass apothecary jar holds a beautifully lifelike pair of houseplants, frozen forever in a state of botanical perfection. Incredible attention to detail goes into the creation of this glass jar display from the artificial terrarium plants, to the carefully arranged wooden branches, to the pebble-filled "water" below. Our large lidded terrarium jar is a lovely accent piece for your home that conveys a fresh, rustic appeal. A glossy green Jade plant and fern are complemented by delightfully organic moss-covered twigs. The whole arrangement is complete with a scattering of varied pebbles beneath a solid water illusion.

Why Choose Artificial Terrarium Plants

Succulents have topped the charts in decorative fashion trends in recent years, thanks to their diversity and ease of maintenance. The Jade plant is an incredibly popular succulent grown by indoor gardeners. Jade plants feature fleshy, oval-shaped leaves on thick stalks that are a deep, waxy green in color. Easy to cultivate indoors, live Jade plants can quickly outgrow their surrounding container, growing as tall as five feet! With this handy little faux Jade plant you won't have to worry about losing control since it stays a cute and petite size forever. As a perfect partner, a feathery fern- also a popular house plant- nestles next to the Jade plant in your little terrarium.

A Rustic Look for Interior Décor

These plants will keep their lovely look for years and years without any maintenance required. Though the top is removable, you will never need to remove the lid from the terrarium for watering or fertilizing. Terrariums with faux plants are a lovely addition to indoor spaces, bringing a natural, woodsy sense of elegance. Place one on a credenza in your entryway, on a kitchen counter, even on a dining room table. These glass terrarium planters also bring the fresh look of green foliage to offices, reception areas, and hospitality spaces.

28.5" x 7"