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Indoor Japanese Boxwood Rolls

Roll out the green carpet with indoor artificial plants using Japanese boxwood rolls ready to adorn your special event, restaurant or club. Indoor Boxwood Rolls are a clever way to add greenery to any space while hiding unsightly views or even using as a privacy screen. Without a doubt, commercial green plant wall panels are on the rise in popularity. Why? Boxwood green walls require no light, are maintenance free with no need to water, trim, pick up dead leaves or plant new growth. As a result, you will save money on water bills and labor, while still providing a fresh atmosphere for staff and guests alike.

Use our living wall roll ups on fences and walls, even poles and columns. Simply unroll and fasten using appropriate hardware (sold separately.) Since the artificial Boxwood plant wall panels are not mounted to a metal framework they remain flexible and are easy to install. Just as importantly, when using as backdrops for trade shows or conferences, they are easy to roll back up for storage. Durable and sturdy, they are built to last, are fire retardant and won't fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

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8' Japanese Boxwood Roll, Indoor
16' Japanese Boxwood Roll, Indoor
24' Japanese Boxwood Roll, Indoor

Roll Out The Green Carpet With Japanese Boxwood Rolls

Boxwood plant wall panels are the perfect solution to break up a one-color room, add texture to a plain wall, or to even just make a distinctive decorative statement. Indoor artificial plants have become all the rage of late for these very reasons. And artificial plant material adds loads of vibrant green to an otherwise drab and colorless atmosphere. Boxwood green walls, in particular, provide a lush dense look of live foliage without all the upkeep. There's no watering to do, you eliminate trimming or pruning, and there's no need for filling in dead leaves since there aren't any. All this adds up to cost savings for your business.

What's more, our indoor plant wall panels won't fade, as well as being fire retardant so they are safe to use. Made of durable and strong poly-blend artificial foliage, leaves are densely affixed to a tough mesh backing that is reliably tough yet flexible enough to roll up easily. This allows our Japanese Boxwood Rolls to be used to cover poles or columns that would otherwise be drab. In addition, flexibility makes the boxwood rolls portable. Take it to conferences, tradeshows, special events, or even just use seasonally to decorate your workspace.

Heavy-Duty Contruction, Minimal Maintenance

Made of a rugged poly-blend material, our artificial foliage is long-lasting and enduring, with each plant wall panel easy to keep clean. If dust accumulates, simply mist lightly with a spray bottle and wipe clean, or wipe leaves with a damp cloth. In no time, your faux living wall will look as fresh as the day you purchased it. It won't fade over time and comes with fire retardant protection to meet any local safety standards.

Perfect for decorating hotel lobbies, hospital waiting rooms, daycares, this material can even be hung as a room divider, and much more. Use temporarily and store in between uses without risk of damage or breakdown, it's so strong. Available in three standard sizes for your convenience. If you need smaller or larger panels, give us a call. We love special orders and can customize to meet your needs.