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Jar & Jug Shaped Commercial Fiberglass Planters

Jar & Jug Shaped Fiberglass Planters

Our commercial Jar and Jug Shaped Planters have a timeless look that has endured for ages because the subtle lines are uniquely pleasing to the eye and the shape is adaptable, practical, and flexibly functional. And although these Jar style planters certainly do have the compelling aesthetic charm of ancient pottery or stoneware and the appearance of anthropological treasures unearthed and displayed in museums, the ones we sell are completely state of the art.

Whether you need the quiet sophistication of a Jar Planter to add an upscale element to a posh resort or to provide rustic European charm to a vacation villa or urban art gallery, these planters are fantastic. They can be used in a private residential setting or to fulfill a major landscaping project for a large commercial development. Inside or outdoors - for jobs that are intimately small or impressively large and grand - the commercial fiberglass Jar Planter is tailor made for the task at hand.

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Portofino Planter
6 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Cairo Vase Planter
4 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Because you need for them to perform under all conditions at least as good as they look, we manufacture them using only the best quality fiberglass and the most tested and proven techniques. That means that they have an unmatched reliability that makes them sturdy and dependable for any kind of commercial situation. If you want tough endurance and longevity from an affordably priced commercial planter, these Jar Planters are a top of the line product that will reward you for years to come. Order them in a variety of different finishes, textures, sizes, and beautiful colors or consult with us regarding customized options.

Commercial fiberglass Jar Planters can be used as stand-alone planters to display greenery, or you can create groupings of them in various sizes or arrangements that help define a space or create a visual border, grid, spatial separation, or strategic boundary. They work wonderfully on terraces, balconies, and stairways - or in courtyards, gardens, lobbies, and hallways. Use Jar Planters in combination with all sorts of different architectural features, interior furnishings, or landscape attributes, or place them in the open where they will create their own attractive ambience.

Portofino Planter

Our fiberglass Portofino Planter is beautiful in its simplicity, totally sophisticated in its styling, and tough as nails when put to work under the most demanding commercial conditions. Use the Portofino Planter - which has a classically voluptuous and lovely design - to showcase plants, trees, and flowers and to bring organic charm and allure to any environment, ambience, or landscape. The Portofino is impressive and its unmistakably unique profile is perfect for both interior decoration applications as well as outdoor botanical landscape planning and display. Use it for urban renewal, a corporate headquarters, or a private home. Dress up any lobby, hallway, courtyard, plaza, vestibule, terrace, or balcony with pretty flowers and stately plants grown in a Portofino Planter.

Cairo Planter

The Cairo Planter is a full-bodied commercial fiberglass planter with a classically tapered and curved silhouette and a generously proportioned top opening or display area for plants and greenery. The design has been used since ancient Egyptian times and still works perfectly today throughout the world because of its adaptability, grace, style, and exquisitely elegant simplicity.