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Portofino Planter

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The gradually tapered body of the Portofino, a style of large commercial fiberglass planters, is accentuated by a prominently rolled rim detail. Sleek design makes this a favorite across multiple design aesthetics, including project plans with traditional, contemporary or modern style. Not many planters can pull that off - especially heavy duty large commercial fiberglass planters.

Available in stock or custom sizes and styles, Portofino Planters may be utilized for outdoor or indoor projects. Load them up with tall plants and trees or grow your own bushy greenery. A popular use of these large commercial fiberglass planters is to display downward flowering plants, creating a cascade of color over the side.

For gaping corners in outdoor or indoor design spaces, the Portofino can provide a sense of thoughtful, modern style. Picture these large commercial fiberglass planters enhancing muted areas like cafeterias, employee lounges and oversized lobbies. Or, position them in commercial or gated entryways to add a distinguished look. For information on stock or custom sizes and styles, please contact the Planters Unlimited customer service and design team from 7am-5pm PST, M-F.

Trade discounts and custom sizes available

16" Dia. x 18"H Portofino Planter
21" Dia. x 24"H Portofino Planter
26" Dia.  x 30"H Portofino Planter
31" Dia. x  36"H Portofino Planter
41" Dia. x 48"H Portofino Planter
36" Dia. x 42"H Portofino Planter

Large commercial fiberglass planters don't have to be dull and utilitarian. Whether your project is outdoor or indoor design, contemporary or modern style, this collection of Portofino Fiberglass Planters is sure to please with its sophisticated silhouette. Brought to you by Planters Unlimited, the Portofino is a part of our larger collection of large commercial fiberglass planters available in stock or custom sizes and styles.

These visually stunning planters are actually striking enough to stand alone, while awaiting a shipment of plants or even indefinitely. Unlike other large commercial fiberglass planters that lack the aesthetic appeal or unique character required to act as individual design pieces, the Portofino pulls it off with its gradually tapered body and prominent rolled rim detail.

Made from durable and versatile fiberglass, these large planters work for outdoor or indoor design applications. In a contemporary or modern style commercial rotunda, as in hotels or shopping malls, the Portofino is a great space delineator for walkways, kiosks or sitting areas. The Portofino can also fit in with traditional gardens or terraces, like on the patio at a Main Street restaurant or in the courtyard of a government building.

The Portofino large commercial fiberglass planters are a heavy duty product capable of handling large planting loads, so the options for indoor or outdoor planting are vast. One of the most popular arrangements is to plant weeping or cascading plants that elegantly hang over the planter lip and down the sides. Showcase blooming plants in the spring and summer, and live or artificial vines in the off seasons. Also, since fiberglass is resistant to rotting, decaying and fading, Portofino Planters make an easy asset to contemporary landscape design.

These large commercial fiberglass planters fit perfectly into gaping corners to bring a more pleasing look. Also, the Portofino can instantly add flair to otherwise dull spaces like cafeterias, employee lounges, public sitting spaces and oversized lobbies. Turn a blank design canvas into an engaging space with appealing, modern style.

Large commercial fiberglass planters by Planters Unlimited are available in stock or custom sizes and styles. Shop online for standard planters or call for a quote on custom commercial planters for your unique design project. A design-minded representative is available to take your call at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.