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Kahn Cast Stone Planters

The Kahn stone planters combines the smooth lines and clean exterior of modern art with the traditional appeal that has made our square cast stone planters a thing of beauty for countless estate homes, commercial settings, and special designs. They not only come in a sleek square shape, but also in a larger rectangular design, making them ideally suited for uses ranging from accenting entryways and halls, to creating a dividing wall between outdoor spaces where added privacy is needed.

Because these concrete planter pots are reinforced with fiberglass, allowing them to maintain the look of concrete combined with the lighter weight of glass fibers, they are incredibly strong and durable. This makes them easier on floors and patios and makes moving easier. The Kahn stone planter box collection makes way for a wide range of plant life, ranging from faux flowers and greenery, to live ferns and flowering vines. For live plants, an internal watering system can be added to maintain the health of your plants, no matter what watering schedule you need to keep. Drainage holes are included, but the Kahn can be also be ordered without them, upon request, for indoor settings.

Due to their size, these garden pots make a wonderful accent along streets and park trails in areas where theft is an issue. They're highly weather resistant and are suitable for most climates.

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Kahn Square Cast Stone Planters
Kahn Rectangular Cast Stone Planters

Dramatic Kahn Square Cast Stone Planters

The Kahn Square Cast Stone Planters set a dramatic mood with their curved lines and generous interior space. And while they are available as a square stone planter, we also carry them as rectangular garden pots too. As a square, the Kahn comes in three standard sizes, beginning at 14 inches, extending on up to 30 inch squares. Our rectangular stone planter box is available in two sizes for larger planter needs. Of course, either shape can be custom-sized to fit your specific plan needs. And with six different color options, all in muted shades designed to be easily integrated with any color scheme, we can custom color to your exact specifications as well. Perfect for city landscapes as well as hiking trails, the Kahn concrete planter pots provide no end to creative design opportunities.

Accessories for Cast Stone Planters

Because of their ample planting space, the Kahn cast stone collection is ideal for adding self-watering reservoirs. Self-watering reservoir systems can be both time and cost-saving on your budget. First, each system holds enough water to keep plants and flowers hydrated for up to two weeks, depending on foliage type and season. They also keep plants healthier, preventing overwatering that can lead to root-rot. Plant root systems wick away water through capillary action when needed as soil stays moist and available for 8 inches surround the root system. Second, by adding a self-watering reservoir your staff doesn't have to water as frequently, which saves not only staff time but also saves on your water bill as less moisture evaporates. What's more, you can eliminate both watering and staff costs by filling the Kahn cast stone pots with faux foliage such as tall grasses, reeds, or succulents. This is ideal for city budgets in particular yet any home or business can also enjoy such savings.

Incredible Durability of Cast Stone Planters

Cast stone planters are built to last. Plus they are light weight. Manufactured with the latest technology, cast stone is a form of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.) GFRC won't crack, chip or crumble, is flexible, and its lighter weight makes the Kahn planters easier to move around, easier to ship, and easier to maintain. In fact, there is no real maintenance. Simply hose off with a light spray if dust accumulates. They are impervious to weather extremes too. With customization options available, and the durability of this attractive planter, you'll want to enjoy them in many locations around your home or business.