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Kaza Square Fiberglass Planters

Contemporary design combined with innovative materials, our Kaza fiberglass planter pots are truly a marvel of modern design. These unique planter containers rely on architectural fiberglass for a product that is long lasting and durable without sacrificing stylish detail. The Kaza features a raised geometric form that gives you a stunning view from any angle. Available in a variety of sizes, this container can be finished with your choice of 25+ colors and textures for the perfect match for your space.

Fiberglass Large Outdoor Planters excel over standard plastic, concrete, or metals. Benefits of architectural fiberglass include:

  • High strength, ideal for high traffic or inclement weather areas
  • Fire, chemical, and corrosion resistance
  • Light weight for ease of mobility; low maintenance
  • Resistance to insect and mold damage

From hotels to shopping malls, our Kaza square planters can be used in any number of commercial, public, and residential applications to add modern flair while showcasing your lush greenery.

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Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter 16in.L x 16in.W x 16in.H
Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter 20in.L x 20in.W x 20in.H
Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter 24in.L x 24in.W x 24in.H
Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter 30in.L x 30in.W x 30in.H
Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter 36in.L x 36in.W x 36in.H
Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter 42in.L x 42in.W x 42in.H

Elegant Kaza Fiberglass Planter Pots

With Kaza Elegant Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter Pots you can be assured of having both a modern, contemporary style along with these planters' rugged durability. Between the glass fiber reinforcement and their makeup, you can enjoy season after season of wear because of it. Besides their strength, they are also lightweight which makes for easy moving from one location to another. Add casters or trays and they become even more portable. Ideal for event venues hosting weddings, conferences, trade shows and more, these geometric planters make the perfect accoutrement as hotel planters whether inside or outdoors. In fact, as landscaping containers, the Kaza squares provide untold style while requiring little to no maintenance. This makes them a great buy over time since you'll never need to replace them.

Fiberglass Large Outdoor Planters: Perfection Unleashed

As just mentioned, their durability makes the Kaza one smart buy. This translates into their convenient placement in high traffic areas where the public is regularly present. In addition, the Kaza fiberglass pots are chemical and corrosion resistant, along with resisting all manner of insect infestations or mold encroachment. This is true even when filled with live plants or flowers. Yet, you may want to save on water and maintenance costs by populating them with succulents or even faux foliage. Many companies are moving to eco-friendly artificial flowers as a way to reduce expenses and save the environment in the process.

So Many Sizes and Colors But Also Customization Available

Featuring the raised geometric square in sizes beginning at 16" squares on up, we also offer full customization on either smaller or larger sizes should you require them. In addition, we offer more than two dozen color options although we can customize that two. If you need to match your exterior color, we can accommodate it. In addition to infinite colors, we also offer several finishes including matte, semi-gloss, gloss, and sand. No matter what your design scheme calls for, we can meet your needs with the geometric Kaza Square Fiberglass Planter. To discuss your next project, please call us today and speak with one of our design experts.