Original Kokedama Moss Ball Kit

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Easy DIY Creative Gardening

If you want to create a garden atmosphere that is different from the gardens around you, our DIY maintenance garden kits are the way to go. Even if you have space for a traditional size garden, several kokedama string garden kits combined can transform a normal looking garden space into a memorable one. Created with hardy mosses and rich soil your kokedama (which is Japanese for "moss ball") will be ready for whichever plants you choose to include. You can opt for a hanging garden or place the moss balls in bowls or shallow planters; however you display them your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Japanese Gardening Options

Kokedama string garden kits are ideal for those who enjoy gardening but have restrictions that make a traditional garden challenging. For apartment dwellers or those with small yards, miniature moss balls take up very little space so a gardener can have several plants even in tight quarters. For those with health issues that might make the bending, twisting, and kneeling that a regular garden requires challenging, the garden can be maintained from standing or seated positions. And if you simply enjoy the results of gardening but have neither the time nor ability to take care of a traditional plot, this miniature garden is low-maintenance, but still delivers beautiful results.

Succulents and Orchids and Ivy - Oh My!

A miniature garden kit works with a variety of plants and flowers, but are ideal for more sturdy plants. For example, succulents thrive in our moss balls whether they're suspended with twine or placed in a bowl. Orchids also pair well with a kokedama. A variety of Asian plants thrive using this gardening method and you can even grow vines or your favorite herbs. Whatever you choose to grow, a moss ball could be the right tool for you to get back to an activity you enjoy.

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Diameter 6"
Material Moss
Shape Round
Color Green
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