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12" Cathedral Top- Center Mullion- Pair (QuickShip Product)

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12" Wide, Sold by the Pair
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These shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

Louvered Decorative Window Shutters

Louvered vinyl exterior shutters are an interesting modern alternative to traditional paneled shutters. They add a new level of interest to your façade with the addition of multiple horizontal slats that create a stunning play of light. Popular in Southern climates, louvered exterior shutters were originally created as a functional piece, letting air pass through when closed but keeping out direct sunlight and prying eyes. Though we mainly use outdoor shutters for decorative value today we still treasure the attractive louvered look. This set of decorative window shutters is designed with a central mullion and discreet cathedral top to add that extra touch of ornamental appeal.

The Benefits of Vinyl Exterior Shutters

After trying them out, most customers will tell you that they prefer vinyl exterior shutters to traditional wooden ones. And once you've tried them you will too. The many benefits are apparent after only a season of owning these exceptional outdoor shutters. Wooden shutters with this high level of decorative character can require intermittent maintenance work to keep presentable, including refinishing, sanding, and replacing broken slats. Our vinyl house shutters won't require a fraction of this much effort. The occasional cleaning is all it takes to keep them in top shape. Unlike wooden shutters, our vinyl shutters won't crack, warp, fade, or rot in wet weather either. Each shutter set comes with a 40-year manufacturer's warranty.

Accent Your Façade with Color

Exterior shutters are a wonderful way to add a pop of accent color to your façade. Match your front door or trim, or go with a completely different shade to add even more unique interest. We offer 20 attractive colors to choose from. You can also order your shutters primed (Paintable) to add your own special coat. Just like real wood, these shutters have a wood grain texture and won't show that shine that is a dead giveaway for other vinyl products.

12" Wide, Sold by the Pair

Vinyl Shutter Color Options
23 Colors Available

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Download How to Measure for Exterior Shutters Guide

In our online How-To / DIY exterior shutter guides we show you how to measure for decorative shutters, also known as "fixed"or "direct mount"shutters, as well as operable or functional exterior shutter pairs. Installation is a snap with our guides relating to Projected, Recessed or Flush window shutter installations. There you will find diagrams and the proper way to calculate the right dimensions for your order.

Upgrade your current shutters to premium exterior shutter from Hooks and Lattice for a boost of curb appeal delivered right to your door.

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