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Laguna Black Premier Direct Mount Flower Box

Accomplish your dreams of home grandeur with a black window planter for your blooming springtime blossoms. These black PVC window boxes are sleek and gorgeous with emphasis on being seamless and classic. Their overall composition is composite PVC that has a natural resistance to rotting, mildewing, and cracking. PVC Window Boxes:

  • Mimic wood's appearance and feel
  • Won't ever rot, warp, peel or crack
  • Can be used under windows, on walls and deck rails
  • Shop 8 standard sizes or call for customs!

Each black window planter also features 5/8-inch thick solid walls and drainage holes at their base - perfect for monitoring the ebb and flow of water levels in your little garden. If gardening has never been your forte - we offer a rich selection of beautiful artificial plants and flowers to add a splash of color and charm to your black PVC window boxes. Additionally, water reservoirs are available, allowing you to make any container a self-watering planter.

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24in. Laguna Black Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
36in. Laguna Black Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
42in. Laguna Black Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
54in. Laguna Black Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
60in. Laguna Black Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
Black Elegant Standard Faux Bracket

Knock curb appeal out of the park with the charming Laguna Black Window Boxes. A chic turn on our classic white style, this semi-gloss PVC window flower box enjoys a sleek personality all its own. Use it as a lovely completion to a white colonial with black shutters, or for the ultimate contrast against red brick and white window frames.

Same Classic Style, Striking Dark Finish

What a difference a color makes. The classic white Laguna Window Boxes DIY potential was fast realized by Hooks and Lattice customers, making it one of our ongoing best sellers. But even in light of it's popularity, sometimes curb appeal calls for a little different edge. And that's where the darker black window box finish comes in-

So much of a how we respond to design, whether it's architecture or landscape, depends on color and texture. With black PVC window boxes, homeowners enjoy a whole new opportunity to lend harmony and contrast. And to make botanical hues come alive in a chic, elegant way.

The Irresistible Ease of PVC Container Gardening

For the DIY-inclined, PVC window boxes are like a container garden fairytale. Requiring virtually no upkeep, these planters also boast superior resistance to rot, mildew and mold. On top of that, insects find cellular PVC unattractive which makes infestations an essential non-concern. And what about liners, you ask? This chic black PVC window box requires none. Simply pot directly into the spacious 8" W x 8" H interior and allow arrangements to drain through pre-drilled openings.

Safe, Simple Direct Mount

Ready to hang window boxes DIY this season? The Laguna makes it clean and simple. Each container comes fitted with an integrated cleat mount bracket on the box and one to hang on your house. Bolts are not included, but sold separately to accommodate different types of siding, brick and masonry. Railing planter brackets are also available to accommodate front porch and deck rail applications.

For a more decorative look against siding, check out faux brackets to match the Laguna Black PVC Window Boxes. These and more accessories can be found by clicking on products above and viewing suggestions in the margin. Need a custom size? Give our knowledgeable customer service team a call toll free.