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Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box

Looking for gorgeous, easy window planters that last and last? The Laguna Bronze Window Boxes are the ticket to years of cheerful curb appeal. Available in eight standard sizes, these easy to install window boxes can also be customized by request. Containers are:

  • Quality 5/8-inch thick cellular PVC window boxes
  • Resistant to mold, rot and insects
  • Durable in heat or cold
  • Ready to pot without liners

Window planter boxes constructed out of PVC are known to turn in beautiful outdoor performance with minimal upkeep. And bronze window boxes even have a commercial-grade paint application for lasting color. The warm tone sets up gracefully against all types of siding, stucco, brick and masonry. While built-in cleat mounting brackets equip window boxes for easy installation that is secure and seamless.

Don't forget accessories like faux brackets and self-watering reservoirs for window planter boxes, also online at Hooks and Lattice. Need a custom cellular PVC window box size? Please call toll free for a price quote.

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24in. Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
30in. Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
36in. Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
42in. Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
48in. Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
54in. Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
72in. Laguna Bronze Premier Direct Mount Flower Box
Bronze Elegant Standard Faux Bracket

Falling in love with a traditional wooden window box is easy. Even easier to love, though, are cellular PVC window boxes that look like painted wood without the maintenance. The Laguna Window Planter is just such a container: Styled to look like a classic in the body of a modern, low-demand material.

Easy Window Planters for Effortless Curb Appeal

Featured here in a bronze finish, the Laguna Window Boxes embody all the easygoing charm homeowners love. And durable composite PVC construction enables functional, carefree container gardening to match the aesthetic. Bronze window boxes feature:

  • Superior resistance to mildew, rot and insects
  • Impressive resilience even in extreme cold or heat
  • All-climate performance for all types of plants and flowers
  • Built-in cleat mounting system for "Easy Up" installation
  • Pre-drilled holes for healthy drainage

On top of being easy to install, window boxes are also designed for direct potting. This means no added liners or protective inserts before adding soil, bulbs, seeds or transplant flowers and greens. Talk about a window box made by gardeners, for gardeners.

Choose Your Mount

Using the right screws, bolts and fasteners, window boxes are setup for easy installation along all types of exteriors. Per the diversity of mounting surfaces, hardware is not included but sold separately to accommodate different display surfaces. A bronze window box looks great against brick, stucco, shakes and wood or vinyl siding. And the Laguna's classic appeal complements all types of architecture, from colonial to bungalow homes.

Like most of our PVC window planter boxes, the Laguna can also be displayed along railings. Flower box brackets for these applications are available online at Hooks and Lattice.

Accessorize, Customize, Personalize

We make it easy to create the window planters you really want, instead of the closest you could find. Want a self-watering container that requires less day-to-day care? Just add a reservoir insert to keep window box arrangements nourished for days at a time. And for homeowners that want a traditionally inspired display, we offer matching faux brackets to match all of our Laguna PVC Window Box colors. Hooks and Lattice will also price out non-standard custom size flower boxes - please call toll free.