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LED In-Ground Landscape Lighting

Ready to turn the mundane property into a warm and inviting space? In Ground or Well lights can achieve this! Not only does LED outdoor lighting improve exterior home security but it also can highlight landscaping and the architecture of your home. Additionally, these fixtures come with LED lamps that are ten times more efficient than regular incandescent lighting, plus - they do not emit UV rays so they do not attract insects.

The LED landscape light fixtures in this category have a variety of different styles of grills to keep debris away from the lamp and a variety of lenses to create the desired light effect for your project. The low voltage LED fixtures in this category are made of fiberglass and can come in black or bronze colors. Shop our In-Ground Landscape Lighting below or call for assistance.

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In-Ground LED Well Light with Star Grill - 2 Finish Options
In-Ground LED Well Light with Grill - Bronze
In-Ground LED Well Light with Grill and MR16-LED Lamp - Bronze
In-Ground LED Well Light with Eyelid - 2 Finish Options

LED Bullet Lights Shed Light On Their Subjects

For landscapes where you want to highlight certain objects of interest, energy efficient LED Bullet Lights provide the perfect solution using 120 volt landscape lighting. By providing substantial illumination for whatever size application you need, bullet lighting offers a strong stream of directional outdoor lighting that focuses on the desired object or area of interest. From flower beds to statues and anything in between, bullet lighting provides an effective low-cost way to shed light on any subject. Plus, it provides added security in the process by ensuring illumination in areas that otherwise might not receive it.

LED technology emits a halogen-like glow, letting you create the appearance of greater size on smaller scale features. Slight, gurgling water cascades and narrow streams lined with delicate flowers can be illuminated to look more significant in size after dark. Even architectural details on buildings or a single shrub or tree can appear more significant in the dark, generating an added artistic quality to your property.

Energy Conscious and Eco-Friendly

Environment lovers get to capitalize both in energy savings and dollars using outdoor LED lights. This is accomplished both in monthly output and, when accumulated over time, the savings to both energy consumption and budgets is significant. And who doesn't want to consume less energy these days? LED bullet lights, along with our entire line of compatible LED lighting, helps you cut down on energy consumption in both the near term and the long term, saving the environment in the process.

Several Styles to Meet Your Needs

We carry small, medium, and large LED bullet lights suitable for a wide variety of applications. Besides sizes, we offer a number of styles as well as a variety of different colors and finishes. For example, we carry a small bullet light with an antique brass or antique bronze finish, perfect for creating an elegant burnished look. We also offer a weathered brass or polished brass finish for our LED bullet light in a hooded design. This light comes in large only and is perfect for either home or commercial use. We also carry a small hooded light with four color finish options, including antique bronze, antique brass, acid green and copper, which fits your exterior decor.

For additional information about LED bullet lighting, please contact our expert staff for more details.