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Artificial Hedges- Special Projects, Custom Shapes and Large Sizes

Our Custom Artificial Hedges for Special Projects include custom shapes and large sizes for a range of residential or commercial projects. Indoor or outdoor rated artificial hedges can be made in most shapes and sizes.

Custom artificial hedges can be used for indoor or outdoor projects as an instant screen for controlling property views. At Artificial Plants Unlimited, we create custom hedge shapes of all types - if you can dream it, we can build it. For easy installation in planters, window boxes or flowerbeds, custom artificial hedges are simply rendered to meet your specific size requirements.

Our customers rave about indoor or outdoor artificial hedges because they:

  • Block unsightly air conditioning units
  • Enclose a balconies for added privacy
  • Barricade for guiding pedestrian traffic
  • Turn bare walls into a lovely Green Wall
  • Hide electrical enclosures
  • Cover or hide utilities like electrical, water or gas valves

To begin creating custom artificial hedge, please call toll free:
7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

Custom Artificial Hedges
Custom Artificial Hedges in Planters
Artificial Outdoor Boxwood Hedge with Cleat Mount

Chanel's Fashion Display in Neiman Marcus

Custom Faux Hedges and Topiaries are displayed elegantly in Neiman Marcus for a Chanel Fashion Display.

Privacy Screens

Large Faux Hedges are used as privacy screens that will convert any urban setting to a modern courtyard.

Miami Hotel Hedges

A major hotel chain in downtown Miami had a challenge - a rooftop swimming pool that overlooked some unsightly construction material and scrap on the vast rooftop beyond. We developed a boxwood hedge privacy screen that hung over their already installed railing to block the view of the junk, yet preserve the city skyline and ocean/bay view.

For indoor or outdoor rated artificial hedges, Artificial Plants Unlimited is proud to offer service for custom hedge shapes and sizes created precisely to fit your project specifications. Our Artificial Hedges - Special Projects, Custom Shapes and Large Sizes online section is a showcase of just a few custom artificial hedges we have created for customers across the country.

Starting with artificial outdoor hedges, the practical and aesthetic components are already abundant. Each of our outdoor rated artificial hedges is a durable product designed to hold up in tough exterior applications. Whether it's beating sun, torrential rain or an early season frost, outdoor artificial hedges are meant to hold their color, shape and realism. Take one of our customers in Downtown Miami who needed outdoor artificial hedges to block unsightly construction visible from their rooftop deck. Our project gallery shows how a skyline view was successfully preserved and enhanced by the simple addition of custom artificial hedges.

Our customers utilize outdoor rated artificial hedges for everything from a privacy screen to a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to bare concrete walls. Custom artificial hedges can be built in popular varieties like boxwood or ivy, and are easily designed to fit in specific planters. Artificial Plants Unlimited can also offer help in finding or creating planters for your project through Planters Unlimited, another division of Hooks and Lattice.

Artificial Hedges for special projects come in custom hedge shapes and sizes. Custom artificial hedges for indoor or outdoor applications can help to hide electrical enclosures and other unsightly utilities, to enclose balconies or patios for privacy, to barricade commercial spaces such as patios or walkways while simultaneously guiding pedestrian traffic, and even just for a purely aesthetic touch that is low maintenance and lovely. Even Chanel, a true fashion icon, trusted custom artificial hedges and topiaries for a product display at luxury department store Neiman Marcus.

Custom hedge shapes can be created to accommodate most any project plan. In fact, Artificial Plants Unlimited has helped to create custom artificial hedges to match company logos or take on the silhouette of a particular item or living thing. Whatever your project goals, and whether commercial or residential, entrust your custom artificial hedges to our friendly and expert staff.

To discuss Artificial Hedges & Special Projects, Custom Shapes and Large Sizes with a knowledgeable project manager, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.