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Custom Logo Planter Project Gallery

Display custom logos throughout commercial properties with a large monogrammed planter. For private clubs, convention centers and hotels, adding custom logo design to landscapes and interiors adds a personalized, upscale feel. And with commercial planters available in virtually any material, color and finish, each monogrammed planter is fully customizable.

Commercial outdoor planters like the one pictured here are available in a range of materials, including popular fiberglass, Premier PVC and classic wood. This particular designs was custom made for the prestigious Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, and is constructed out of fiberglass with a light sand texture finish. Plant containers featuring custom logos also make a great addition to interiors, as in large indoor planters to display in a lobby or atrium.

Create a personalized planter through our fully custom order service at Planters Unlimited. Call today to speak with an expert about custom logo designs and how we can help meet the goals of your commercial design project.

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Commercial Planters with Company Logo or Monogram

Click on each entry to see a larger image of each custom planter. Call 888-320-0626 to find out how to make your branding more prominent.

Incorporate custom logo design throughout a property with a monogrammed planter created especially for your commercial landscape or interior. Ordering a personalized planter through Planters Unlimited is a fully custom service. This means customers are free to create commercial outdoor planters or large indoor planters from the materials they want, in the finishes they want, and - most importantly - with custom logos at the center of it all.

Creating commercial planters with custom logos is an easy, enjoyable process through our one-on-one client consultation. Like the monogrammed planter above, created for the world-renowned Plaza Hotel in New York City, each custom order is generated based on the unique needs of a business. Experienced project managers work with clients to determine the goals of logo planter design, including the planned application, size requirements and finish preferences. For Manhattan's Plaza Hotel, a large fiberglass logo planter in a "Dove" gray hue and light textured sand finish proved just the thing to convey a sense of established luxury.

Whether looking to create a personalized office planter, or a whole system of monogrammed planters to scatter throughout a property, Planters Unlimited can help to assemble the right product. Limitless material options include fiberglass and our Premier PVC option, both favorites for durable and low-maintenance commercial outdoor planters. Each material carries scores of color and finish options with it: For example, fiberglass can be made to look matted, shiny, lightly textured or grainy. Imagine the possibilities for a personalized planter that has all the right functional and aesthetic touches.

To begin, call toll free to discuss custom logo design and how graphics will apply to commercial planters. If creating large indoor planters for faux trees or plant arrangements, we might suggest a lightweight fiberglass or PVC option that creates a lovely display and is effortless to maintain. And for commercial outdoor planters that will handle heavy planting loads like trees and shrubs, a logo planter will need the right size and drainage to accommodate large root balls.

Begin the process of creating attractive commercial planters with custom company logos and call toll free today!