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20"W x 39"H Large Eiffel Tower Wall Decor Art

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Chic International Wall Décor

Say "Bonjour" to some interior décor that is "tres chic" when you hang this miniature replica of Paris's famous tower on your living room wall. This Eiffel Tower metal wall art is large in size, making it an impressive addition to those blank walls that beg for a touch of Parisian-inspired style. International wall décor brings an upscale touch of elegant taste to your space. Whether you've traveled to France or simply dream of someday visiting this impressive structure in person, our miniature Eiffel Tower is an attractive way to pay homage to the breathtaking architectural success of this nineteenth century design masterpiece.

Eiffel Tower Metal Wall Art

Completed in 1889, The Eiffel Tower is the world's most-visited paid monument. Originally created as the entrance to the 1889 World's Fair, this large structure draws many tourists to "The City of Light." You simply can't visit France without paying a visit to this massive wrought iron tower! A true icon of human ingenuity, the Eiffel Tower is a structure recognized by virtually everyone in the world, and our mini rendition is sure to be recognized as well. On a much smaller scale, our Eiffel Tower decorative wall art features the same lattice-style design and stylized triangular shape. Made from aluminum and burnished bronze rather than wrought iron, this modern wall hanging exudes dramatic contemporary elegance.

Bring Paris to Your Living Room

Recreate memories of that treasured European honeymoon or vacation by bringing a piece of France home to your very own living room, hallway, library or bedroom. This bronze-tone wall hanging is intended solely for interior display. However, if you wish to decorate an outdoor space, make sure it is beneath a covered porch or awning. Measuring over three feet tall, this attention-grabbing wall sculpture is a great way to make an entire wall a focal point. These lightweight metal pieces are easy to hang from any wall.