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Large Fiberglass Spheres For Sale

A decorative fiberglass sphere makes for a useful architectural device in accenting columns, walkways or other pieces of a building or commercial-scape you wish to highlight. In the past, adding a large finial or ornamental piece to the tops of columns and building edges meant certain heavy lifting, but not anymore. With fiberglass spheres and domes you get the decorative benefits at a fraction of the weight.

Designed with functionality in mind, our large fiberglass spheres for sale here are as attractive as they are resilient. Offered in a wide range of sizes, our fiberglass domes and spheres are all .125 (1/8") thick and made using general purpose resin with a white or gray gel coat. Each fiberglass sphere comes without the final finish, but a gel coat product is available for separate purchase.

For more information on available sizes, additional finish/attaching materials and custom fiberglass spheres, contact a member of our knowledgeable staff at 1-888-320-0626, (7am-5pm PST, M-F).

Fiberglass Spheres
Fiberglass Sphere 20"D
Fiberglass Sphere 30"D
Fiberglass Sphere 36"D
Fiberglass Sphere 40"D
Price: $1,395.85
Fiberglass Sphere 48"D
Price: $1,979.85
Miro Sphere Planters
6 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available

Large Scale, Custom-Made Fiberglass Spheres For Sale

Spheres and domes make for alluring architectural accents in a variety of popular placements today. Take Chicago's Millennium Park for example, where thousands of daily visitors flock to gaze upon the famed ball molded spherical "Cloud Gate" sculpture. Although on a smaller scale, a fiberglass sphere or dome from Planters Unlimited can evoke a similar feeling of magnetism within your commercial design plans.

Constructed of the popular lightweight and durable commercial-grade material, our fiberglass domes are an enchanting touch to top off columns or apexes, or even as a standalone item for placement along a greenway or beside the edges of a pool deck. The simplistic draw of a perfectly round shape will cleverly guide the eye to interpret other architectural accents that are less noticeable when left unembellished. Whatever design vision comes to mind, picture the funky infusion of a round accent to bring that extra pop to the characteristics your design-trained eye wants to coax others into noticing.

Attractive Architectural Ball Accents

Built with beauty and functionality in mind, our fiberglass spheres and domes are simultaneously attractive and tough. Although fiberglass is known for its seemingly feather lite composition when compared to materials like concrete, it's by no means a flimsy material. It comes molded to resist tough exterior elements like relentless sun, beating rain and the like. A fiberglass sphere is designed to stand up to tough commercial-scape placements in a variety of environments.

Our molded fiberglass spheres for sale are offered in a range of sizes and are all .125 or 1/8" thick and based on parts, meaning they are built and shipped in two separate halves. Planters Unlimited can provide the means for attaching upon request. Each of these architectural spheres is constructed utilizing general purpose resin with a white or gray gel coat. While they are sold without the final finish, a gel coat product is available for separate purchase as well. Paint or synthetic stucco are also popular finish options utilized by designers who employ these spheres as an architectural device.

For more information on available sizes and additional finish/attaching materials contact a member of our knowledgeable staff at 1-888-320-0626, (7am-5pm PST, M-F).