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Queen Belaire 37" Planter

The Queen Belaire Large Flower Pots offer substantial space and depth for growing all manner of colorful flowers, small bushes and trees, grasses, even succulents. Ideal for home and garden estates, small businesses, office buildings and more, these large round planters are built to last too. Made of highly durable plastic resins, the Queen Belaire won't rot, crack, warp or fade. These outdoor planters are built to last and come backed by a manufacturer's 10-year warranty. Besides their inherent durability, they are lightweight too. This makes them ideal when looking to change foliage or placement of these large outdoor planters.

In addition to the 37 inch size, our Belaire planter collection comes in several other sizes. Beginning at 12 inches on up to 44 inches, it's easy to create a lovely array to accent any exterior decor.They come in a wide variety of colors in smaller sizes and as caviar black and weathered terra cotta in the 37 and 44 inch sizes. Create a cluster of variable sizes as an architectural feature. Background your display with large pots for outdoor plants along fence lines, with smaller planters in the front. Or add a single large garden planter as a focal point in a sunny courtyard or as an entry feature to your front door. Regardless of how you decorate, the Queen Belaire large planters add an attractive element to any exterior decor.

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Queen Belaire 37in. Planter - Rust
Queen Belaire 37in. Planter - Weathered Concrete
Queen Belaire 37in. Planter - Weathered Stone
Queen Belaire 37in. Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Queen Belaire 37in. Planter - Caviar Black

Queen Belaire Large Flower Pots

Queen Belaire Large Flower Pots set the stage in dramatic fashion for your home's entryway, as a focal point for your small business, or as a decorative accent for outdoor cafes. With their generous planting size and depth, they may look heavy, yet are an efficient lightweight large garden planter. Manufactured with the highest grade plastic resins available, the Queen Belaire round planters are built to withstand all kinds of punishing weather too, from frigid cold to the blazing heat of the sun. So sturdy and durable, they won't crack or warp, and come with a 10 year limited warranty backed by the manufacturer. They don't fade either, ensuring a long-lasting appeal in whatever color you select. Available in caviar black and weathered terra cotta at the 37 inch size, the Belaire collection is offered in numerous color options in smaller sizes.

Sunning Design for Outdoor Planters

The overlarge Queen Belaire 37 inch outdoor planters provide a large amount of style and decorative panache for many home and businesses. The rolled lip at the top of the planter mimics the look of a clay pot - as if it were crafted by hand. The double lips in the midsection continues the design theme, down to the subtle extruded accent at the large outdoor planters' base. Regardless of how heavy these large pots for outdoor plants look, they weigh a fraction of what clay or stone weighs. This makes the Queen Belaire highly portable when moving from one location to another. The planter's beauty provides all kinds of design prospects - when arranged with smaller pots in the Belaire line or as a stand-alone feature - whatever your plans call for.

Anti-Shock and Weather Resistant Planters

With inherent weather resistant planters, the 37 inch Queen Belaire large flower pots provide years and years of reliable use. Their anti-shock properties are one of the very qualities that preserve them, resisting rapid temperature fluctuations. Unflappable in the face of storms or high humidity, these large round planters are virtually maintenance free, making them an extremely cost-effective long term decorative asset. For additional information about the Queen Belaire or other sizes in the collection, please call 800-896-0978 today to speak with a design specialist.