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Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planter - 48in.L x 18in.W x 14in.H

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48"L x 18"W x 14"H

When you're looking for concrete planters online, make your first- and only- stop PlantersUnlimited.com. These modern rectangle planters have it all. Not only are they attractive, they're also functional. With a timeless design, you can use these planters in any setting, whether you are a landscape architect designing a new city park, or a commercial planner creating an outdoor shopping mall. From the ultramodern to the rustic, these planters can be customized to meet your specific design goals. This 48" long by 18" wide planter is perfect for a variety of applications. Its slim silhouette allows it to fit in on urban sidewalks where there's not a lot of square footage available for enhancing curb appeal. The four-foot length of this planter also makes it great for business park pathways and metropolitan street sides.

Because of their GFRC construction, these precast planters are lightweight enough to be easily moved, but they're also heavy duty enough to stand up to busy city settings without falling apart (unlike many traditionally cast materials). As well as displaying your brightly blooming flowers and foliage, these planters can serve as barricades for partitioning off special areas and barriers for directing foot traffic in a subtle and attractive way.

48"L x 18"W x 14"H

GFRC vs. Fiberstone - Finding the right material for your application.

What is GFRC?
Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC) is a cement composite material that is composed of high-quality cement, glass fibers and other resins to increase strength and durability. GFRC planters look and feel exactly like conventional concrete, cement or stone but are much lighter weight - about 75% less! Additionally, GFRC is a less expensive material than Fiberstone.

What is Fiberstone?
Fiberstone looks identical to GFRC and weighs even less. Weighing in at around 1/3 the weight of GFRC, our Fiberstone is a fraction of the weight of cement, concrete and stone. We combine glass fiber, industrial resins and other composites to create this unique material. Its high impact resistance makes it ideal for use in busy public areas and commercial settings.