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Composite Lattice Planter for Deck, Porch, or Patio

Inspired by the design of vertical lattice planters, the Lattice Planter Box incorporates their charming crisscross pattern and turns it on its side. This transformation into a charming lattice planter in container-form is a wonderful accent to patios and decks. Create container gardens brimming with vibrant blooms and greenery all framed by the elegant interlaced grid.

The lattice planter design for decks and patios is a durable outdoor container built from cellular PVC. This material is known for its virtual no-maintenance temperament and ability to last multiple seasons with minimal care. A simple wipe down of your Composite Lattice Planters is sufficient to keep them looking lovely and maintained.

Finished on all four sides, the Composite Lattice Planter Box embellishes even the most basic plants and is the perfect complement to outdoor decks and patios with classic, clean themes. This planter is offered in six standard rectangular sizes and two square sizes. Containers can be painted with most acrylics or latex paints.

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Lattice Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 24"x12"x12"
Lattice Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 36"x12"x12"
Lattice Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 48"x12"x12"
Lattice Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 60"x12"x12"
Lattice Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 72"x12"x12"
This Composite Lattice Planter Box takes the inspiration of a vertical gardening tool and turns it into a delightful crisscross design for a container garden. Lattice Planters, available online at Hooks and Lattice, are available in a range of popular sizes with lengths measuring up to 72 inches. Each one is made from cellular PVC, ensuring a lovely lattice planter that will last for multiple planting seasons without rotting, cracking or warping.

With a look that mimics painted wood, Composite Lattice Planters are a great match for traditional American home architecture including cottages. Echoing the lattice planter tradition that has so defined the spirit of front porch communities in American towns, the Lattice Planter Box is yet another interpretation of this familiar garden pattern. The alluring crisscross design is enjoying a renaissance of new applications, including those indoors where lattice patterns are frequently featured in hangers and decorative trims.

If you like wooden planters, you will love a lattice planter box made from composite. These outdoor PVC planters look like wood painted white, but are actually created with materials that outlast and outperform natural timber. Composite Lattice Planters do not warp, crack or split and are also a no-rot material. In addition, insects find cellular PVC planters mostly undesirable. The Lattice Planters also take acrylic latex paint well for a just-painted look that will last. In challenging climates, our customers find that PVC is a material that takes away concerns about damage from fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels. Aside from a wipe down here and there, these containers essentially take care of themselves. A manageable weight also makes winter storage easy.

For a polished look from any angle of a deck or patio, each Composite Lattice Planter is finished on all four sides of the container. These planter boxes come ready to be filled with your favorite container garden arrangements of flowers and plants. A lattice planter made from cellular PVC is also relatively low-weight for easy movement throughout your home's outdoor spaces. No liner is required although some of our customers still choose to use one.