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Laurelwood Round Planter

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The wide-mouth design of our Laurelwood Round Planters gives plants plenty of room to grow, and the clean and simple style gives you plenty of flexibility. With curving sides and an understated top trim, this large garden planter provides beauty without stealing the spotlight from blossoms and greenery. Short or tall fiberglass planters in the Laurelwood style are equally at home in modern and traditional settings.

With many sizes to choose from, the Laurelwood line is the first place to look for tall fiberglass planters. Some soar to an impressive height of 36", making quite a statement for large shrubs and small trees. A large garden planter of this size doesn't have to be heavy, however. Fiberglass is both strong and light. That makes these round planters for commercial or residential use indoors and out. Positioning and re-positioning them is easy, but once planted, they are heavy enough to stay in place.

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Laurelwood Round 24in.Dia x 18in.H
Laurelwood Round 24in.Dia x 24in.H
Laurelwood Round 24in.Dia x 30in.H
Laurelwood Round 30in.Dia x 24in.H
Laurelwood Round 30in.Dia x 30in.H
Laurelwood Round 30in.Dia x 36in.H
Laurelwood Round 36in.Dia x 18in.H
Laurelwood Round 36in.Dia x 24in.H
Laurelwood Round 36in.Dia x 30in.H
Laurelwood Round 36in.Dia x 36in.H
Laurelwood Round 84in.Dia x 24in.H

Laurelwood Round Fiberglass Planters

The Laurelwood Round Fiberglass Planter offers generous space with its wide mouth and deeply curved base. Since some plants and small trees require ample room for root systems, these round planters provide more than enough space while looking completely stunning in the process. Available in several combinations -- as tall outdoor planters, mid-sized wide mouth large flower pots, and in a shorter but wider large garden planter that is lower to the ground that provides more surface soil when needed. As one of our most sought after commercial fiberglass planters series, the Laurelwood line is versatile indeed, with its curvaceous sides and rolled lip rim, available as either short or tall fiberglass planters, or just-right sizes in between the two.

Buy Large Round Planters Online

If you are looking to buy large round planters online for either a commercial project or residence, the Laurelwood is a great planter series that adds lots of modern appeal on a budget. Made from durable and strong fiberglass material, it is lightweight yet rugged, standing the test of time. Even as large planters, they are easy to move since they weigh a fraction of what heavier materials weigh, yet endure dramatic weather fluctuations without damage. They won't crack, fade, rot, warp, or split since they are reinforced with recycled glass fibers and other natural materials. What's more, they can be used outside and inside and, given the variety of round shapes we carry in the Laurelwood line, they make the perfect groupings, adding lots of variety.

Diverse Sizes and "Shapes"

Whether you need a wider mouth or a tall commercial planter, the Laurelwood design's diverse inventory facilitates not only nearly a dozen size - shape combinations, with our custom capability, we can manufacture whatever size or shape your design scheme requires. Colors are also fully customizable although we carry several dozen standard colors, including metallics. Select from four finishes including matte, semi-gloss, gloss, or sand for the perfect complement to your styled space. Add a planter reservoir for continuous hydration for weeks at a time, depending on plant needs and weather. For custom queries or to get started on your next project, call to speak with one of our design experts today.