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LED Landscape Floodlights

Illuminate your outdoor structures with spot lights and wall washers. These lights can highlight the architectural features that you are most proud of on your property. Landscaping spot lights are perfect for curb appeal or for the new arbor in the backyard. These fixtures come with long life LED lamps and are low voltage as well so you will want to make sure you have a low voltage transformer to wire these to as you cannot plug them into the wall.

Our directional LED Floodlights lights come in a variety of finishes and materials that can compliment any yard and resist the weather.  All fixtures in this category are ETL approved and come with a ground stake for easy installation.

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Directional LED Floodlight with Hood - 3 Finish Options
Area LED Floodlight with Hood - 2 Finish Options
Area LED Floodlight with Large Hood - 3 Finish Options
Directional LED Floodlight with Large Hood - 4 Finish Options

Light UP the Night with LED Landscape Floodlights

LED Landscape Floodlights illuminate exterior walls and outdoor structures perfectly, letting you showcase attractive features on your property. Highlighting architectural elements that might otherwise be less visible in the dark, floodlights increase curb appeal on buildings, whether commercial or residential, but also enhance security, reducing vandalism risk. Besides showcasing structures, LED flood lights are often used to light up landscaping features that would otherwise be less noticeable after dark. Water features, lawn statues, topiaries and the like are highlighted easily with LED landscape floodlights.

Since LED flood lamps are low voltage, they save you money over higher voltage direct line wiring. This is above and beyond the savings you'll enjoy with the passive security measures floodlights provide. This being the case, LED landscape floodlight fixtures require a low voltage transformer to reduce the electrical load going into the lamps. It's one of the main ways to save money since less power is required to illuminate these powerful floodlights.

A Variety of Styles and Finishes

We carry several styles of LED landscape floodlight fixtures to choose from, each offering more than one option in addition to shape alternatives. Styles include rounds and squares, with square options offering either straight line edges or the more contoured soft edge, depending on which complements your building's exterior design best. All come with hoods to control illumination spread, with some styles having smaller hoods and others coming with larger hoods.

The Rounds

Round LED flood lamps are offered with either a small or large hood. Small hood color and finish options include antique bronze, black, and verde green. Larger hood floodlight options include four color and finish options which are antique bronze, antique brass, acid green, and copper, with a small surcharge reserved for copper.

The Squares

Square LED flood lamps also offer style and color choices designed to meet your building's and landscapes aesthetics. Choose from a sculpted edge square lamp casing that is available with two finish options, which includes weathered bronze or antique brass. Straight edged square flood lamps with a large hood come with three finish options including antique bronze, antique brass, and copper (additional fee for copper.)

All our LED landscape floodlights are ETL approved and include an easily installed ground stake. All finishes are treated for weather resistance, lasting throughout the seasons in a wide variety of environments.