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For low voltage landscape lights that yield energy efficient landscape lighting design, Hooks & Lattice is delighted to present this online category of LED landscape lights for a variety of exterior applications. Each landscape lighting style seen here employs the latest in warm white LED technology for low voltage landscape lights that still give off that desirable glow.

LED landscape lights for a range of applications are featured here, including: high efficiency directional landscape lighting, pathway lights, step lights and submersible LED landscape lights. Choosing LED landscape lights for your project can boost energy efficiency in your landscape lighting design. The LED landscape lights featured are meant to be powered at 12 volts. For this reason, we also offer 12V Transformers for LED landscape lights.

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LED Bullet Lights
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12V Low Voltage Transformers for LED Lights
For landscape lighting systems that are as 'green' as your garden, LED landscape lights are an answer to functionality and energy efficiency. Each of the low voltage landscape lights in this online category at Hooks & Lattice is a welcome addition to any landscape lighting design in terms of aesthetic and energy-saving performance.

In commercial and residential applications, landscape lighting design professionals are turning to environmentally conscious LED landscape lights more and more. Low voltage landscape lights eliminate the use of toxic materials without robbing exteriors of brilliant illumination. In fact, high quality LED landscape lights - like the ones found here- still put off that warm white glow we know and love from halogen fixtures, but in terms of cost and savings over time, landscape lighting design that incorporates low voltage LED lights is a winner in the long run.

Bring foresight to your landscape lighting design with a combination of low voltage landscape lights in a range of styles, for various applications. Whether you're purchasing LED landscape lights for pathway, step, garden or submersible applications, each of our fixtures is a reliable light source that performs brilliantly in warm or cold weather.

This collection of LED landscape lights is assembled with cohesion in mind. For landscape lighting design that is even and efficient, each of our low voltage landscape lights is designed to maintain a level of brightness equal to one another. Also, with anti-wicking leads that easily connect to your project mainline, the strain placed on both the installer and the electrical system is gratifyingly slight.

By viewing the individual product categories of low voltage landscape lighting found above, architects, landscape designers, and residential and commercial property owners can see the range of options available online from Hooks & Lattice. Our LED landscape lights encompass fixtures for various residential and commercial landscape lighting design projects including energy efficient step lights, walkway lighting, directional bullet lights, and even submersible LED landscape lights.

While landscape lighting design is taking a turn for the environmentally better, we also recognize a potential for limiting electrical systems. Not to worry - 12V Transformers for LED landscape lights are also available for convenient, secure online ordering.

For questions on low voltage landscape lights or to discuss your energy efficient landscape lighting design, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.