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Outdoor LED Pathway Lighting for Illuminating Walkways

Get energy efficient landscape lighting with LED Pathway Lights by Hooks and Lattice. Harnessing the power of energy-saving LED technology, this luminaire outputs the same warm glow as traditional fixtures. The difference is that LED outdoor path lighting puts a lower strain on electrical systems resulting in reduced energy bills and long-term cost savings. A brilliant solution for commercial walkways, property grounds and residential landscaping alike.

Outdoor path lighting fixtures have a sleek, modern design that contains no toxic materials. It's this friendliness to the environment combined with energy efficient use that makes LED landscape lighting a sustainable design favorite. And exterior walkway lights still give off the familiar illumination we're used to with instant-on brilliance. This means there's no delay from "on" to "aglow", for efficient lighting around your yard, garden and entryway.

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Large Shade LED Pathway Light - 2 Finish Options
Small Shade LED Pathway Light - 2 Finish Options
Flat Shade LED Pathway Light - Multiple Color Options
Two Tier Shade LED Pathway Light - Weathered Brass
Cut Out Design Shade LED Pathway Light - Weathered Brass

Illuminating Walkways With LED Lighting

When you want to spruce up your home's curb appeal, one way to do it is by installing energy efficient LED Pathway Lighting. Outdoor path lighting provides great illumination without straining your budget, reducing energy bills in the process. They come with tempered heat resistant glass in the lens and are ETL approved for wet areas without compromising functionality and light. They look contemporary and stylish with both their elevated look and finish. Yet, they can also be at home with colonial or traditional exterior decor.

Attractive LED Pathway Lighting

These low voltage path lights come with an attractive shade. We offer several different styles, from large shades for greater illumination to small and petite shades for a diminutive look.  LED Pathway Lighting is available in two finishes: antique brass and antique bronze, both of which keep their burnished look for years to come, making them an economical and energy efficient choice in LED garden lights. Because of our diverse styles, these lights offer something for everyone, no matter what exterior decor you might have.

Low energy pathway lighting provides not just beauty to your property, increasing curb appeal that makes your home stand out in the neighborhood. It also increases safety and reduces risk for friends and family when walking up the sidewalk to your front door, or climbing terraced slopes in the back yard. Without this beneficial light source, it may be harder to see uneven surfaces or cracks on pavement that could cause someone to trip and fall. What's more, between enhancing your property's attractiveness, pathway lighting is also a reliable way to deter unwanted intruders as well.

Installation Details

Finally, when purchasing LED path lights, we recommend checking with your state or local jurisdiction prior to installing. Even though these systems are easy to install, they do require a step down transformer and some locales require outdoor wiring to be performed by an electrical/lighting technician or contractor.  For additional information on diverse uses of LED pathway lighting, please contact one of our exterior design specialists for decorative ideas on where your property can best utilize this energy efficient light source to add beauty and safety to your home's exterior.