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LED Step Lights for Stairway and Deck Lighting

If you have wall-mounted stairs requiring lighting to be safe, overhead lights may not always be effective or efficient for the task. A better, safer, more aesthetic solution would be LED step lighting. Lower voltage, lower overall temperature at a fraction of the energy use and cost, LED step and stair lights work along conventional wiring like any other fixture. Step and outdoor deck lighting is just that, effective and efficient lighting that brightens each step individually with a warm white glow across the step.

LED step lighting can be ordered with transformers and dimmer switches as well using the same conventional wiring setup. Call us to discuss details, LED accessories and your project needs.

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Small Open Face Style Recessed LED Step Lights - Multiple Color Options
Small Louvered Face Style Recessed LED Step Lights - Multiple Color Options
Large Open Face Style Recessed LED Step Lights - Multiple Color Options
Large Louvered Face Style Recessed LED Step Lights - Multiple Color Options

Outdoor LED Stair and Step Lighting for Safe Decks and Walkways

Save money, reduce risk, and help prevent slip and fall injuries with this subtle yet effective LED step lighting. Perfect for work, home, civic buildings and more, each light installs directly into the vertical wall at the base of every step, illuminating individual foot falls to prevent slips and trips when going up and down stairs. While these outdoor step lights are most effective during nighttime's darkness, they are also helpful when shedding light on steps during cloudy, overcast, or rainy days. What's more, each individual light is small and sleek and fits nearly flush to the wall to create a streamlined appearance.

Small but Mighty, Landscape LED's Get Things Glowing

Providing a more than average glow, LED step lighting's compact size doesn't take up valuable step or floor space either. They are great for businesses such as restaurants, theaters, stores, libraries, and many others who want to remain open after dark yet allow patrons to maintain optimal safety. Outdoor step lights are also very advantageous for anyone who wants a little extra security at their home. They are a must-have for those with small children or older people who may need a little extra help seeing where they are going as well. Fully complete, each of the step lights comes with a LED bulb. Not only does the LED bulb make them more energy efficient than conventional lighting, it allows you to save money on your power bill every month. Just as important, they are also long-lasting. In fact, they need to be replaced a mere fraction as often as incandescent bulbs so there is no hassle or fuss when it comes to maintenance. And, since these step lights work along conventional wiring just like with any other fixture, they are easy to install and maintain. Since they use less voltage for illumination than is required for standard lighting, they operate at a lower overall temperature too.

To Dim or not to Dim?

Another added benefit to these outdoor step lights is that they can be incorporated with a dimmer switch to control, lessen or brighten the light stream as needed. Yet, all the while they do this by accessing the same standard wiring setup in any home or business. Whether dimmed or fully illuminated, the bulbs create a soft, white glow on each step to create a warm and inviting feel. They brighten foot falls sufficiently to reduce risk of slipping or missing a step while providing more effective pathway lighting than any overhead lights can. This is due to providing light where it's needed most: on the steps themselves--a feature that also makes them more aesthetically pleasing in the process. So call now to discuss your unique lighting needs for your next project. Our expert staff is standing by to help.

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