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LED Underwater Pond Lights | Fully Submersible Lights

Take energy efficient outdoor lighting to aquatic locations using fully submersible lights that pack a powerful punch. Offered in a variety of finishes and lamping options, these LED's are intended for use as:

  • Underwater pond lighting
  • LED waterfall lighting
  • Fountain lighting

Submersible outdoor lights for water features and landscaping cast a warm white light and are an eco-friendly option for those on a budget. Save money on your electric bills by adding low voltage LED lighting throughout your property. What's good for Mother Earth is good for your wallet!

You can reach our experts with questions, or contact an electrical contractor and allow them to choose the best underwater lights for your project.

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Large Submersible Underwater LED Light - 2 Finish Options
Extra Large Brass Submersible Underwater Light - 2 Lamping Options

Create a Shimmering Effect with LED Underwater Pond Lights

Whether you want to light up a waterfall, illuminate a lily pond, or create a shimmering effect in a Koi pond, LED pond lighting captivates the viewer. Submersible lights enhance just about any water feature visible from the street or for pedestrians just strolling by, creating a stunning visual effect guaranteed to add curb appeal to your property. Casting a warm glow that creates a stunning effect, LED waterfall lighting adds a creative dimension to your landscape design while saving money in the process. How? LED lights are low voltage and as a result, are not only less expensive to purchase than 120 volt direct line lights. They also save money - and the environment - over time.

Install submersible lights in waterfalls, lily ponds, fountains, even fish ponds for a well-lit tropical appeal around your property, whether it's commercial or residential. And even though LED underwater pond lights draw less ampules, these fully submersible lights provide a strong stream of illumination right where you want it. Plus, the Large Submersible Underwater LED Light can be directionally adjusted, allowing you to change the feature it's focused onto periodically. (LED pond lights are not rated for chemically treated swimming pools or spas.)

LED Underwater Pond Lights To Fit Your Decor and Function

We have several options available for a variety of underwater use lighting. They include the The Large Submersible Underwater LED Light with two finish options and the Extra Large Brass Submersible Underwater Light with two lamping options. In the first case, this light takes a four watt bulb and comes with an adjustable bracket. Plus, you can choose between a brass or stainless steel finish. With the extra-large option, choose either a three watt or four watt option; and either wattage choice comes with an adjustable bracket for easy maneuverability, letting you direct light where you want it.

Each LED submersible light is heat resistant and comes with a tempered glass lens for durability. Furhter, both underwater pond light styles are ETL approved for underwater applications for pond, fountain, and waterfall lighting (not for use in swimming pools or spas.)