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Fiberglass Type Light Pole Brackets

Fiberglass Type Pole Brackets use a combination of an aluminum and/or steel base and a fiberglass arm. This allows the customer to attach the base with either bolts or stainless steel banding straps. The base designs vary depending on the type of material used in the manufacturing process and the mounting method. Most Aluminum Bases are design to accommodate either bolting or strapping.

Sign Bracket Store offers two different types of Fiberglass Pole brackets known as a fixed arm bracket and a spring arm bracket. The fixed arm bracket is the lowest cost option that works great for small applications where cost and ease of installation are important. The spring arm style brackets such as the BannerSaver model is a little more expensive in the short term, but can safe money in the long run by lengthening the life of the banner itself. The Banner Saver also helps reduce the wind load on the post.

Fiberglass Fixed Pole Banner Brackets

Price Range $69-$100

6 Designs
Magic Banner System
Price: $93.85

Fiberglass Light Pole Brackets

Fiberglass Light Pole Brackets provide a lightweight alternative to heavier materials often used when it comes to banner signage. Cut from both aluminum and/or a steel base, the fiberglass arm then has flexibility to change signage as-needed. In addition, with its aluminum base, fiberglass pole brackets can accommodate banners one of two ways; either by bolts, or by stainless steel banding straps. Further, the Sign Bracket Store's Fiberglass Type Light Pole Banner Brackets are comprised of aluminum or other metals, depending on the manufacturing method used. Along with mounting requirements, all of these benefits make for greater adaptability when using flexible brackets for banner signs. What's more, even though they are light in weight, they are durable and long-lasting, making them a very smart buy when considering signage for pole banners, if banners need to be changed frequently.

Lightweight Banner Brackets: Variable Arm Style Choice

With lightweight banner brackets offering so much flexibility due to the material used, you have more options to choose between either a fixed arm for your banner brackets or the spring arm bracket type. Each type has its own advantages. The fixed arm style is ideal for small applications and is budget-friendly. The spring arm bracket style appearing in our BannerSaver offers more banner protection since it aids in reducing wind wear on the post itself. Still a third item aiding in extending the banner life is the Magic Banner System, which offers installation ease for both personnel and banners alike.

Benefits of Fiberglass and Aluminum Light Pole Mediums

As mentioned, fiberglass offers flexibility and is lightweight, which are two attributes for this type of pole bracket installation. In addition, the fiberglass arm makes changing banners easier so that staff time is reduced and level of difficulty for the project itself is easier. Regardless of which type of banner used, fiberglass poles increase the life of the banner itself as it provides suppleness during wind events, reducing likelihood of a banner ripping or tearing. Further, the cost of the entire light pole bracket is less since fiberglass itself is inexpensive and lasts longer than a rigid metal pole. For additional information, please contact our customer service department.